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Assertive Communications

Consciously stand up for what you want

  • Beginner / Intermediate ability Beginner / Intermediate ability
  • 120-minute Interactive Virtual Training 120-minute Interactive Virtual Training
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A highly interactive exploration into personal boundaries and how to defend them. Taking your personal examples of when it’s difficult to
be assertive, we look at three different modes of assertive behaviour and how to find the power to assert yourself from within your body.
You’ll reflect on your own personal habits and how to build stronger boundaries so that you’re able to stick up for what you want with a
powerful, but graceful ‘no’.

What will you learn?

• How to spot your personal habits of assertiveness and find get aware of alternative choices

• A method for discerning when you should say ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or ‘maybe’.

• The confidence to defend your boundaries and stick up for what’s right

• Tools for pushing back in a courageous, yet appropriate way

“Really great “Great interactive workshop with a skilled and inspiring leader. You can get a lot of insights and having great fun at the same time!”sessions where I felt I learnt a lot, and they were so fun and interactive that I felt engaged the whole time.”
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