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Virtually Brilliant for Online Communicators

Master virtual communications to inspire and influence an online audience

  • Beginner / Intermediate ability Beginner / Intermediate ability
  • 120-minute Interactive Virtual Training 120-minute Interactive Virtual Training
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Business resilience and success relies more than ever on our ability communicate effectively in virtual interactions. But engaging others online can bring extra challenges, such as muted body language, distractions, the temptation to multitask, a drain on energy, and imbalanced dynamics and interaction.

In our signature Virtually Brilliant programme, we help leaders overcome these challenges and develop powerful communication skills to have maximum impact with colleagues, stakeholders and customers.

Working on the fundamentals of online communication, virtual presence and impact, and the structure and design of a compelling presentation or talk, participants experience transformative results, equipping them with the ability to lead and influence virtual meetings; to keep remote teams engaged and motivated; and to continue to share ideas, inspire innovation and build relationships in online and hybrid environments.

What do we cover?

Leading online communications to drive business results

The key ingredients of successful online communication to engage, motivate and inspire the audience, no matter where they are. You’ll experience setting up and leading an online team meeting in the ‘Virtually Brilliant’ style.

 Virtual presence and impact – building strong relationships

How to use your body, voice and mind to drive up engagement, build relationships and maximise your capacity to influence an online audience. You’ll deliver a short presentation to a small group, with stretching feedback on your personal presence and impact.

 Structure and design – engaging a virtual group

Designing an online talk that harnesses the benefits of virtual platforms and minimises the pitfalls. We explore how to structure a compelling journey and how to keep ‘eyes on the screen’. You’ll prepare a pitch/presentation to deliver virtually to your group, with feedback to help the whole group grow.

And the choice of

A. Turbo Meetings – have twice the impact in half the time

Combatting meeting fatigue, we explore a methodology for massively boosting the efficiency and impact of online meetings (and beyond). You’ll learn how to design and lead a ‘Turbo Meeting’ as its ‘Chief Efficiency Officer’, with practice setting up expectations and facilitating interactions.

B. Facilitating the online team – building safe, productive and creative virtual team environments

The essential skills leaders need to facilitate effective online interactions and get the most from team members, with the opportunity to set up and run a business-relevant brainstorm and get guidance on how to be more effective.

Your key takeaways

  • Improved confidence in leading a virtual meeting, pitch or presentation
  • Enhanced skills to engage, build relationships and inspire on virtual platforms
  • Easy-to-implement tools to help you maximise your virtual presence and impact
  • Personalised feedback and group learning
  • Improved meeting success and clearer outcomes
  • Strengthened leadership and clarity of communication

Interested in hosting this course?

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Interested in this course?

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