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Become a thought leader
and increase your influence

What’s the difference between a leader and a thought leader? Everything!

A leader will show up, do the job and help things tick along nicely. A thought leader will amplify their impact by influencing people to bring them along on their mission.

Jamie Oliver and the power of influence

Let’s take a look at Jamie Oliver. 99% of people have probably never tasted his food, but they all know who he is. He has influence. Why? Because he grabs the attention of the masses with ideas that are both simple and rousing, and leverages his talents to make them happen. That’s got nothing to do with being a good chef and everything to do with being a great thought leader. Amplify helps you to identify your idea worth spreading, and to articulate it with all the confidence of the Naked Chef himself.

Find your ‘idea worth spreading’

Taking your leadership to the next level is no game of chance. To gain influence the way that Jamie Oliver has, there is a recipe to follow. The meat of that recipe is your ‘idea worth spreading’. This is something that will make people stop and think – ‘yikes, this makes complete sense!’ and crucially, lend their support to it. If you don’t think you
have an idea worth spreading, don’t worry – you just haven’t defined it yet.

Start by answering the following:

  • What captivates you?
  • What motivates you?
  • What inspires you?
  • What concerns you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What needs to change?

If you can answer those questions, you have an idea in you that’s waiting to come out.

A recipe for thought leadership

Spice me up!

Build influence

To deliver the impact that you crave, to really make a difference, you have to become someone that people will pay attention to. An idea can only go so far on its own. To build influence, your idea has to be combined with a heady cocktail of TED-style public speaking skills.

Become someone worth following

Lets go!

Your thought leadership cocktail might look like this:

  • A shot of purpose
  • A splash of charisma
  • A dash of confidence
  • A glass full of assertive body language
  • All stirred up with a glug of convincing storytelling

Mixed together, a recipe like that can’t fail to place you head and shoulders above other leaders to build influence and deliver deep impact.

Become someone worth following

Lets go!

Deliver high-impact talks

Just 7 tiny seconds. That’s all it takes for people to judge who you are and what you stand for. While public speaking is the perfect opportunity to amplify your message, how you turn up really matters. It’s crucial to deliver high-impact talks from the very first second, to the very last.

This involves harnessing the ability to:

  • Write and deliver an impactful story
  • Really sell your message
  • Make your ideas stick in people’s minds
  • Present with flair and confidence

These are the skills that convince, and that propel you in the eyes of your audience as an influencer.

Make an IMPACT– and discover the power to be the leader you have always wanted to be.

Discover Amplify TED-style speaking course

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An incubator for public speaking skills

Our A-team of trainers include award-winning authors, psychologists, coaches, journalists and TEDx organisers. Their combined skills create an exceptional incubator for public speaking talent to develop. Amplify leverages the deep experience and talent of our trainers to nourish your abilities and help you grow into the thought leader you should be.

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Develop public speaking skills

Not all leaders are born with natural public speaking talent, but all leaders can learn it. Once you develop the teachable skills of public speaking, you’ll find that your confidence and your influence spread. During Amplify you will identify your unique personality qualities and nurture them while learning the skills to deliver exceptional performances on stage. Our course will teach you to be…

We all have unique personality qualities, and that means that everyone’s delivery style will vary. This gives each and every person the chance to stand out from the crowd.

If you nurture your unique qualities to deliver exceptional performances on stage, you can become: bold, courageous, engaging, persuasive, memorable.

This is what you need to deliver the real, powerful, meaningful change you are seeking. This is what it means to be a thought leader.

Bold Courageous Engaging Persuasive Memorable

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For businesses, having courageous, confident public speakers for leaders is highly valuable. And here’s why…


Richard Branson and the ‘Virgin effect’

At the head of any successful business is an inspirational leader. Richard Branson launched Virgin Group in the 1970s with Virgin Records and steadily grew his empire into the international conglomerate it is today. Virgin Group now incorporates over 400 businesses worldwide, delivering everything from over 100 NHS services to spaceflight, through Virgin Galactic. All of this is delivered under a brand name synonymous with quality, innovation and fun. How did Branson do it? Charisma!

Driving change with impactful leaders

Impact and ‘change’, when you think about it, are synonymous. In business, to create change you need to make an impact, and to have impact you need to drive change. But you can’t do either without authentic thought leadership.

Ticking along isn’t a strategy for success, or for growth. It may even be a sure road to ruin, because the kind of forethought required for business continuity can only come from the thought leaders.

Turning good business leaders into impactful business leaders through thought leadership, therefore, can propel your business, to increase its influence and lift its purpose to new heights.

You do this by defining an idea, crafting the story that demonstrates the need for your idea and delivering your message convincingly with excellent speaking capabilities. The rest, as they say, will follow.

Amplify teaches business leaders how to source, structure and sell the
story that will have the power to shift hearts and minds.

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