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10 Great Public Speaking Apps for Killer Presentations

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“I’m due to give a presentation… where’s my laptop?” The most common reaction presenters have when they’re asked to do a talk is grab the computer and boot up PowerPoint. But with millions of PowerPoint presentations being created every day, how do you stand out?

If you find yourself constantly putting together presentations or speeches to deliver to an audience, why not make your smartphone your friend? It can truly take your public speaking to the next level. Why use outdated manuscripts, outlines, and presenters when there are great apps out there that do all that and more!

From monitoring your heartbeat to a big TED style timer clock to getting the right rhythm with a metronome … these ten public speaking apps can totally transform your public speaking!

1. mPrompt by Mark Johannessen Consulting – With mPrompt any iOS becomes a handy speech practice and performance tool. Using content from your other apps or uploaded from the Internet, experienced and novice public speakers can use mPrompt to rough out and fine tune speeches and practice speech delivery and timing, anywhere.

2. Stress Check by Azumio for iPhone – Experiencing stage fright? Azumio uses your iPhone to check your heart rate and let you know exactly how nervous you may be. Use this to your advantage by practicing some breathing exercises or other anxiety busters until your heart rate decreases.

3. Public Speaking from HiveBrain – Public speaking is one of the most common fears that people have. This guided meditation and self-hypnosis program will help you relax and minimize the anxiety of speaking in front of crowds.

4. Rhema  (ROCSpeak_Glass) for Google Glass – Rhema (“Utterance” or “Things Said” in Greek) a.k.a. ROCSpeak_Glass is a Google Glass based application to help people in public speaking. Its intelligent interface can detect the speaker’s volume and speaking rate to provide feedback with a goal of modulating the voice. The application utilizes knowledge from human factors to significantly reduce the level of distraction from the feedback during the actual delivery of speech.

5. Metronome Beats – Designed with ease of use in mind, Metronome Beats has controls for easily increasing and decreasing the tempo in small increments by one touch of the screen. The visual beat indicators help you to keep track of where you are in the bar and enable you to mute the metronome whilst still monitoring the tempo visually.

6. SpeakerClock for iPhone – Big red LED digits allow you to see the timer even at great distance so you are free to move while you give the talk of your life. SpeakerClock emulates the famous countdown clock that all speakers at TED conferences uitlize.

7. Infonet Presenter for iPhone – an all in one presentation displayer that allows numerous types of files, file organization, copy and paste photos and videos, and you can draw on your slides like a whiteboard type app.

8. Simple Presentation Timer for PC– Simple application to help you manage your presentation time. Set the timer to the duration of your presentation, press the start button to kick off the countdown. Just before the time is up, the time will be displayed in red to warn you.

9. Prompster for iPhone and Android –  A professional public speaking app that smoothly tele-prompts easily readable text for audible presentations. It is the ideal app for practicing and delivering public speeches, lectures, and sermons.

10. Poll Everywhere – It’s simple to engage your audience with a real-time poll, pulling in responses from mobile phones, Twitter or web browsers. You can employ it either as a standalone polling app alongside your presentation or if you’re a PowerPoint user with Windows, you can tie it into the software with Poll Everywhere’s PollEv Presenter App.

Don’t hide your smartphone during your next speech! Make your smartphone your friend with these inexpensive and useful apps!

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