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A Blueprint for Inspiring Human Brilliance 

Ginger Leadership Communications

At Ginger, we believe that there is no ‘one’ profile for a perfect leader. We believe that everyone has leadership potential and that when people are comfortable being themselves, they can change the world with their words and actions.

It’s our mission to help emerging and established leaders unlock human brilliance, cultivate ideas for change and use the power of the spoken word to make a greater contribution at work and in society. 

All our programs are based on Ginger’s Human Brilliance Blueprint. The Blueprint consists of five core elements which support a transformative leadership journey, elevating people’s ability to capture hearts and minds. We focus on developing authentic and empathetic leaders who are driven by a compelling vision, and are able to connect, influence and inspire through their communication.

Our journey begins with establishing the mindset and the understanding needed for success. Knowing yourself and the impact you have on others is a key element for developing trust and becoming resilient. Your words and actions require clear direction, and you need to resonate with others and make things meaningful. By exemplifying these characteristics,  you’ll begin to communicate and act in ways that inspire, motivate and activate others. And when you fully embody your leadership brilliance, you’ll shine as a leader and continue to develop yourself and others.

The Five elements of our Human Brilliance Blueprint

Self-awareness helps us become more confident and to live and lead in line with our values and purpose. You need to have insight and be aware of your current patterns and habits in order to change them and continuously improve your leadership skills. Self-aware leaders take personal responsibility and inspire trust by being themselves, being honest about their learning opportunities, and showing that they deeply care for others. Like building a house on quicksand, if you don’t have a solid leadership foundation, you will wobble, be inconsistent, act emotionally, and lose trust and influence.

Participants say: “Ginger shone a spotlight on who I am as a leader when I’m at my very best. They helped me to be more authentic and more comfortable in my own skin.”

How can we lead others successfully if we are not clear where we are leading them to? Communicating a vision for your team or organization is a way to bring people together, focused on a common goal. Creating a vision and defining clear goals is a fundamental skill for any leader trying to affect change, build strong teams, and achieve an improved future. Aligning individual and team goals with overarching company goals can often seem challenging, yet taking the time to find this alignment is essential for success and critical in communicating with your teams.

Participants say: “Ginger helped me to clear out the clutter in my messaging and my sense of direction, so that now I can clearly articulate what I want and why it’s important.”

Once we know what we’re trying to achieve, then we need to communicate it in a way that resonates and inspires others. As a leader,  you’re only as good as those you lead, which means that in order to be successful, you need to support and motivate others. This requires understanding and empathy about their needs and perspectives, knowing what motivates them, and adjusting your leadership style accordingly. Giving attention to and nurturing your relationships leads to a highly engaged team where each individual recognizes their important role in realizing your vision and is inspired to contribute to it.

Participants say: “Ginger helped me to realise that focusing on others leads to win-win outcomes. Thinking of others first has been a game-changer in helping me to connect to their needs and, weirdly, it also makes me more confident.”

Influence is the essence of leadership. Inspiring and effective leaders don’t influence through power differences but by capturing hearts and minds through their example. You must be able to articulate your thoughts clearly, and communicate powerfully and persuasively in a way that resonates with others – while ensuring your message is aligned with your actions and overall behavior. Communication skills are critical tools for a leader to inspire change and motivate others.

Participants say: “Ginger helped me make a step-change in the way I influence and enrol others. I’m more relaxed, bolder and more compelling when I lead – and that’s magnetic for others.”

In the final phase of our leadership communications journey, we help people step into their zone of brilliance. Each program contains a ‘rite-of-passage’ moment that fundamentally changes how participants think, act and lead. When leaders access their brilliance, they shine their brightest light, deliver outstanding results and galvanise others to do the same. 

Good leaders achieve their goals. Great leaders support and inspire others to grow into strong leaders. By focusing on the potential of others, by supporting and inspiring others to unlock their potential, they inspire human brilliance. 

Participants say: “Ginger kicked me out of my comfort zone in a totally loving way. The experience of completing their training left me with life-long friendships and a completely new ownership of my leadership powers.”

This Blueprint isn’t a rigid set of rules on what leaders ‘should be’ but it’s our guiding framework to bring out the full, unique brilliance of each individual. It’s why we achieve real and lasting transformation through our training. And it’s why Ginger leaders go on to inspire the world around them. 

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Ginger Leadership Communications

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