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Book launch celebrations – How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking

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How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking (Pearson, Prentice Hall) by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is available to purchase from October 2011 and to celebrate, we’ve gathered an army of outstanding experts to offer you a celebratory book launch gift pack.

If you buy How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking on 4th October 2011 from Amazon and send the e-receipt to, you will receive access to 20 specially selected gifts from a variety of personal development experts to complement your public speaking journey. More details on the gifts below.

4th October – the date for your diary

The book

How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking is a light-hearted and comprehensive journey into the world of powerful public speaking. Learn how you can create inspiring, influential public speaking experiences – by being yourself. Unlock the six qualities that all outstanding public speakers posses and make them a part of your performance, in any public speaking scenario.

“Brilliant public speaking comes from being authentic,” says Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, “When you’re being yourself, you enjoy speaking more – and when you’re enjoying yourself, so are your audience.”

Praise for…

“Sarah has written an outstanding book. She has taken what can be a daunting topic, broken it down into bite-sized chunks and then used fantastic drawings, analogies, characters and examples to get the message across. As a professional speaker of many years, I only wish this book had been around when I started out.”

David Thomas  Sunday Times #1 bestselling author International speaker, & Guinness Record Breaker“The best book on public speaking I’ve ever read. With clarity and humour, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes offers invaluable insight, suggestions and tips. This is a wonderful book, bringing a fresh and lighthearted approach to the often fraught world of public speaking.”

Karen Kimsey-House, CEO & Co-founder, Coaches Training Institute and author of “Co-active Coaching”“The best possible introduction to public speaking, and it doesn’t involve making yourself into someone you’re not. Sarah shows you how to be an authentically powerful speaker who can command the room yet keep the stillness within – a rare combination.”Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of 50 Self-Help Classics, 50 Psychology Classics

The Gift Pack

This gift pack is designed to complement your journey into public speaking and aims to provide something really special for everyone.

The gift pack is rammed with twenty gifts: these wonderful (and extremely generous) experts have offered e-books, podcasts, portions of books, free coaching sessions and bundles more! Each will help you with something that relates to public speaking. The gifts are grouped into 6 themes:

Authentic leadership | Showing up with Power | Becoming the Expert | Communicating in the digital age | Small Business Success | Creating the Life You Dream of.

We’re excited and impressed by the individuals who are involved – top coaches, best-selling authors and international public speakers:

Best-selling author Nick Williams, of the Inspired Entrepreneur: “Show up, play big and lead” – 40 minute talk

International speaker & author Nigel Risner: “10 Tips to becoming personally empowered” – learn from the master with this bitesized, glossy read.

Author of “the Star Qualities”, Caroline Goyder: Chapters from the Book “The Star Qualities”

Tom Butler Bowden, author of the “50 Classics” Series, inc “50 Self-help classics”: Chapters from “50 Self-help classics”

Steve D’Souza, international speaker & author of “Brilliant Networking”: Access to free 1-2-1 coaching sessions (Limited availability)

Authors Tim Fearon and Emma Sargent of the Extraordinary Coaching Company: Blueprint to finding the hidden money in your business.

Author, coach and self-proclaimed ‘Lucky Bitch’ – Denise Duffield Thomas: Lucky Bitch: an unconventional guide to embracing outrageous success and creating a life you love.

Certified ‘Sparkle’ coach Rebecca Armstrong: Finding your Inner Sparkle workbook

Lifestyle experts, Wellbeing in the City: Access to free wellbeing workshops

The Accidental Salesman Richard White: “Selling with confidence” – 35 minute audio interview

Passion To Profit guru, Corrina Gordon-Barnes: “The Three Essential Mindset Shifts Needed To Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Business” – audio interview

Founder of the Trainer’s Training Company, Sharon Gaskin: “How To Get In Front Of Corporate Clients” 60 min audio masterclass

Former broadcast journalist, Joan Bird: “7 Keys to Charisma” – Video Masterclass from former broadcast journalist Joan Bird, on how to come across well on video.

Passion To Profit guru Corrina Gordon-Barnes: “The Three Essential Mindset Shifts Needed To Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Business” – audio interview

Digital media specialist, Sinead Mac Manus: “From Apps to Zen” ebook – how to use the digital age to benefit your business, and your wellbeing.

The Book Midwife, Mindy Gibbins-Klein: “Don’t Publish your Book! (Until you Understand your Options)” ebook

Literary Agent & publishing expert, Jacqueline Burns: “How books build profile”: 15 min audio – Learn how writing a book can build your profile in your field, how to get started and what publishers are really looking for 

Phil Askew of Luminous Lives coaching, specialist in brand discovery: Unleash your Brilliant Brand and invite more business” complementary 1-2-1 45 min personal brand check consultation (limited availability)

Louise Le Gat of Positive Energy Coaching: “Leading an Authentic Life” – Living Life with ‘No Regrets’ – what does it take?” A story of change and self discovery

Goddess Coach Laura Berridge: “7 Steps to Embracing The Power and Beauty of Your Feminine Essence”

Kirsty Baker of Firefly Coaching – specialist in authentic leadership: Will the real you please step forward?! Authentic Leadership Toolkit.” A powerful coaching workbook to unleash your leadership

Tracy Karkut-Law – Homeopath from Limehouse HomeopathyComplementary Homeopathy consultation (limited availability) – use natural remedies to overcome your nerves or boost your confidence

NEW ADDITION: Eilidh Milnes – the Confidence Coach: Keys to Confidence – Interview with Eilidh outlining all the basics for how to build personal confidence BONUS GIFT: Complete a book review on Amazon and receive a 30 minute eCourse of your choice with Sarah Lloyd-Hughes .

To Claim Your Gift Pack

1) Purchase the book here: on Tues 4th Oct

2) Collect your e-Receipt from Amazon

3) Email subject: Gift Pack

4) You will be sent a link to all of the gifts

4th October – pop it in the diary now

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