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Brave Speeches: A selection of Gala Finale speeches

Ginger Leadership Communications

At the end of Ginger’s Inspiring Speakers Programme are invited to deliver a short talk to an audience of friends, family and well-wishers. They choose their topic and often they pick subjects that are highly brave and highly personal.

Here’s a selection of speakers who stepped fully into their bravery and gave us something truly special.

Remember that each of these speakers was incredibly nervous before they stepped up – and it’s their first time for doing anything like this. They all agree that if they can do one of these brave speeches, so can you…
The speakers are:

This is not how my story will end” – Panna Vekaria

Formerly terrified speaker, Panna is one of those women who fills the room with inspiration and positivity, wherever she goes. And when you hear her story of forgiveness even when life utterly knocks you down, you’ll realise how exceptional she really is. Watch this.

Yip, Yip, Yippee – on performance anxiety – Martin Dixon

If your worst fear is freezing on stage, you should take a leaf out of Martin’s book. Managing Director, (formerly) nervous speaker and sports addict Martin Dixon gives a class act example of what to do when you’re screwing up the crucial moment!

“Passion for Freedom” – Marianna Fox

The Passion for Freedom festival uses art to speak up for minority voices and against oppression. PFF founder, Marianna Fox tells a powerful tale of the bravery required to keep freedom of speech alive – and why she’d risk her life for it. It’s also well worth checking out Marianna’s TEDx talk when she talks about being caught up in the 2015 Copenhagen attempted terrorist attack.

“How to be a real man” – Lukasz Gregorczyk

‘Rolfing’ practitioner (and Ginger’s body language expert), Luke Gregorczyk gives a brave account of his journey to become a ‘real man’. Visceral and compelling, it gives a bold insight into male aggression and how to come to terms with your own nature.

“What really matters” – James Evans

Stand-up comic James Evans ditches the laughs in this frank talk about his own struggles with mental illness in this short, but powerful speech.

These speakers developed these brave speeches along with their speaking confidence, content and delivery style during Ginger’s 6 months Inspiring Speakers Programme, which you can find out more about here.

Ginger Leadership Communications

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This showcase of inspiring female speakers is part of Ginger’s work with game changing leaders.

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