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Five public speaking podcasts that will rock your world!

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Podcasts have evolved from a trendy-hipster listening experience into a household word. Thanks to podcasts such as Marc Maron interviewing President Obama, podcasts are starting a new revolution in the digital world. In 2014 an  Edison Research report stated that an estimated 39 million Americans have listened to a podcast in the past month—an all-time high. The podcasts will continue to grow as the expansion of smart TVs, wearable technology and in-car media become more widespread. This is great news for Public Speakers. Being able to stream quality public speaking podcasts means info on the go, wherever you are, whenever you want. Here are Ginger’s picks for amazing public speaking podcasts that can rock your world…

The Public Speaker”s Quick and Dirty tips for improving your communication skills, hosted by Lisa B. Marshall. By far one of the most popular public speaking podcasts, The Public Speaker helps you to inform, motivate, entertain, and persuade better. Lisa B. Marshall, author of “Smart Talk: The Public Speaker’s Guide to Success in Every Situation,” has short, practical tips that help you to be engaging and memorable every time you speak. It’s not just about public speaking, it’s about effective communication.

 Eat the Lens Podcast, by McGrath Communication: short and useful tips. Noeleen McGrath is an award-winning television news journalist, media trainer and video producer—no one is better qualified to help you improve your on-camera performance. Every week, McGrath will share her wealth of knowledge in bite size tips. She covers such topics as media interviews, presentations, corporate videos and speeches.

 The Toastmasters Podcast, the official podcast of Toastmasters International: masters in the public speaking arena. These folks know their stuff. The Toastmasters Podcast is like a radio talkshow featuring interviews with Toastmasters usually featured in the Toastmaster magazine.  But unlike a radio show, a podcast is on the Internet, and available, for free, to anyone in the world with an Internet connection, and a connected device capable of playing audio.

The Rad Presenters Podcast   Stephanie Evergreen : An internationally-acclaimed keynote, Stephanie teaches people how to become presentation rockstars so that audiences give a damn about what they say. Jonathan Schwabish:is a Senior Research Associate in The Urban Institute’s Income and Benefits Policy Center. He is also a member of the Institute’s Communication team where he specializes in data visualization and presentation design. These two are absolutely amazing! They give strategies and advice on how to design and deliver great presentations.

 What the Speak Podcast Bryan Kelly provides video and audio podcasts that are all about “helping you kick ass when you speak, present, or pitch. For real. No joke.” Amazing episodes with truly powerful presenters, you’ll receive PROVEN methods and insider secrets from top professional speakers, best-selling authors, and leading researchers.

Public speaking is no longer about physically being present to speak to your audience. Podcasts have the potential to spread your public speaking influence far and wide, provided that you actually engage your audience. If YOU’VE ever wanted to do your own podcast there are sites like Podbean that are quick, easy, and tech friendly for beginners. Speaking without an audience in front of you is a whole other world so check out our blog post The art of the webinar… How to Speak to an Audience You Can’t See  and learn what really connects to the people the other side of the microphone: humour, personality and fun.

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