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Game Changers Summit at House of Commons 4th May

Ginger Leadership Communications

An incredible new network has been set up for Game Changing Women who want to be heard, who are not afraid of asking what they want in life and who want to be a force for good on this planet. Here’s what happened when they met for the first time… 

‘We are the storm that starts the avalanche’, declared one delegate as eighty extraordinary and inspirational women from all walks of industry joined together for the first Game Changer conference, held in the historic House of Commons, on Friday 4th May. 

It was the finale to what was, undoubtedly, an incredible and empowering afternoon that saw the brainchild of leading public speaking coach, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, to create a new network of female visionary leaders come alive. 

Realising there are still few women in positions of power, her goal is to establish an influential group of women who can come together and work as a team to bring about positive and innovative change within every workplace. By sharing ideas and skills, she hopes that the go-getting women can inspire and mentor others to reach their goals (and their own).

And so as the high achieving women from every UK industry, including banking, technology and charity, gathered at lunchtime in the prestigious Houses of Parliament – where the statue of Millicent Fawcett, who fought so strongly for the right for women to vote more than 100 years ago – still stands, there was an air of excitement about the new journey the group were about to embark on. It didn’t matter that nobody knew each other. In fact, this made it more special because here was a fantastic opportunity for women at the top of their game to meet other like-minded people and share their visions and ideas to make a difference. 

Dare to dream, speak out, stop listening to the inner critic within us and stand up as a collective were just some of the many messages that were outlined during a passionate, positive and uplifting afternoon, which saw six amazing women share their vision on how females can act as a force for good. We can’t sit still and let business run as usual, they agreed, as they did over the fact it is so important for other women to know you have their back. Don’t sit back, do it, they also declared as they vowed change needs to happen if we want more women to succeed in business and life. 

Mingling afterwards over drinks, it was clear that new friendships had been formed in a short space of time with many bearing their heart and soul over their hopes, fears and dreams for the future. Buzzing with ideas and new connections, each and every one of the delegates came away feeling they wanted to make a difference. 

So what happens next? Well now is the time for this amazing and selfless group of women to show they really are game changers and that they do plan to campaign for social and positive results. With another event planned later in the year, the go-getting network of women that they are, you can expect plenty of new and exciting ventures to happen. They do, afterall, get sh*t done! Watch this space… 

If you’d like to know more about Ginger’s network for senior female change makers, & and other upcoming activities for visionary women, get in contact.

Sarah’s on a mission to deeply help 100 senior female leaders to rally change and it’s going to take all sorts of help to make that happen.

Ginger Leadership Communications

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This showcase of inspiring female speakers is part of Ginger’s work with game changing leaders.

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