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How to become a word artist!

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Just like an artist speaks with her brush, a public speaker speaks with, well, his mouth!  Every word you say is a chance to influence, inspire, persuade or evoke something in the minds of your audience.

Do you use your words like an artist…? Or do you let anything roll out of your mouth,  no matter how relevant or powerful it is?  The latter is the behaviour of a same-old-same-old public speaker who fails to appreciate the lasting impact words can make.

Like, basically, actually avoid saying words almost always that usually don’t actually essentially in fact mean very much.  

To become a public speaking word artist we need to watch for the words that we repeat often without even realizing. Sometimes certain words (“actually” or “in fact”) can reach essentially epidemic proportions. Be aware of the phrases or words that you say often. Ask yourself “Do these words bring value or clutter to my speaking?” Words can bring power or simply be time-fillers. Clarity in public speaking requires that we utilize words of power.

Beware of phrases such as:

  • In other words…
  • Basically…
  • In fact…
  • Actually…
  • To make a long story short…
  • Essentially…

Replace with:

  • Transitional phrases.  Instead of saying “um” say “moving on,” or “why don’t we talk about,” or “another important point is…”
  • Get into a rhythm. Talk in short bursts of words with breaks in between. Get into a rhythm: burst of words/break/burst of words/break….Focus on that rhythm and your um’s will be a thing of the past.
  • Gaps.  Replace those awkward filler words with specific pauses which lend gravitas and power to your speech.

Now’s your chance to become a word artist and to leave memorable words ringing in the mind of your audience. To become a word artist, try the following:

  1. Get  conscious  of  the  key  types  of  words  and  phrases  you  use.  Are  they  the  same  old  clichés   as  everyone  else  uses?  Find  a  new  and  crystal  clear  way  of  expressing  yourself.
  2. Seek  inspiration  -­‐  in  stories,  analogies,  metaphors  quotes  and  other  resources.  The  internet   is  a  world  of  information  for  speakers  to  harvest.
  3. Fashion  your  next  talk  like  it  was  a  piece  of  prose  and  see  what  happens.  What  would  your   talk  be  like  if  it  was  a  poem?  If  it  was  written  with  the  wit  of  Jane  Austen  or  the  adventure  of   J  K  Rowling?

See the extra depth your message takes on if you use words wisely?

Carefully crafted words can make us laugh,  make us cry or rally us to brave action.

Public speaking is an art form rather than a science, because different techniques and brush strokes work differently for different people. The wrong or right answer only exists as it applies to what is wrong or right for you. Even as Van Gogh had to learn certain techniques, you can learn what style and what words work best for you.

That’s what Ginger’s approach to public speaking is truly about… finding your own voice, with authority and authenticity, to become the best verbal artist you can be.

Now,  go  create  a  masterpiece… you word artist you.

Do you want to learn more? Find out How to Start a Speech by clicking the link.

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