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I’m a public speaking beginner, where should I start?

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I’m a beginner at public speaking, where should I start? We all have to start, even the very best public speaker was once a novice and nervous (perhaps just like you)… and, per usual, the best place to start public speaking is the very beginning. Here are our 3 top tips for public speaking beginners…

Public Speaking Beginner tip 1: Start with a sense of purpose.

A sense of purpose in public speaking is critical to help you get past your nerves. I put off public speaking for most of my life until I realized there was something I was missing out on by avoiding speaking in public. I realized that if I didn’t step up and address public speaking then I’d miss my chance to get my dream job.

I wanted this job so badly but in order to GET the job I had to deliver three speeches to over two hundred people. Can you imagine that? It was only by making the job more important than my nerves, that I managed to get myself up there speaking.

Ask yourself: what is more important to you than your public speaking nerves? Speak with this in mind.

Public Speaking Beginner tip 2: Gather ideas.

Start collecting ideas about what would be a meaningful topic and then how to connect to the audience about that topic.  No excuses here… everybody has something that they can say, something that ignites their passion.

If you simply open your eyes then you will be able to see what ideas you already have floating in your mind that an audience would find compelling.

Ask yourself: what do you enjoy in listening to public speaking? What stories and ideas can you gather from the world around you?

Public Speaking Beginner tip 3: Work on your delivery. 

Find a place to practice as soon as possible.  Getting feedback from others helps you identify issues  with your body language, your vocal delivery, and your ability to find and present compelling information .

Here at Ginger we have monthly Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking Courses (if you live in London that is) but there are tons of speakers clubs out there where you can get support, practice, and feedback. Toastmasters et cetera.  If there isn’t a speaking club in your hometown… start one.

I think the most important thing you can do in public speaking is GET GOING.  As you practice you automatically make progress and improve your skills.  It’s like learning a language, expecting yourself to speak fluently the very first time is unrealistic and decreases your confidence.

You have to make mistakes.  You have to have a few croissants before you learn how to speak French.

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