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Make 2017 your year to shine with public speaking

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When we think about our own worries and self doubts it’s easy to become afraid of public speaking. But when we think of making a big change in ourselves and/or a big change in the world; a cause that needs us that’s bigger than we are, we naturally become braver and more confident communicators.

What better way to make a change in the new year than by changing the way you communicate?

So you want more self confidence? To finally get that promotion at work? To learn to speak without your voice shaking? Learning how to become adept at public speaking can impact every area of your life, both personally and professionally.


  • If you want to learn to inspire others, you have to first connect to yourself.
  • Who are you? What do you believe in? What change do you seek in the world at large – and how does that relate to the work you’re doing?

When you unleash your true voice you become more powerful than you can imagine. This is what brings the most benefit; both to your audience and to you. Your true job as a public speaker is to bring about inspiration or change; to get across a message of some sort.

Don’t change your personality: find the power that already exists within you (Anything else will make you seem fake)

I have something important to give – I’m not only ‘taking’ from my audience.

How much do you believe in your message? Your information has value for your audience and if you believe in your message then your audience will as well. The act of public speaking is all about giving. Giving a voice and face to the information your audience needs.  Don’t downplay or belittle the act of giving.

  1. Visualize success… The mark of a truly powerful speaker derives from developing true authenticity in your speaking. By developing confidence in yourself, you will become more likable as a speaker.
  2. Tame your inner critic so you can change your internal dialogue away from worrying about the negative, towards supporting your confidence. Again, boosting your confidence will help you to impress.
  3. Learn how to be persuasive (from our four-part blog series), so that you can turn a public speaking situation round to your advantage whilst also being authentic.


A person that is willing to step forward and speak will have a more recognised voice. When people see you standing up in front of 20, 40, or 400 people to give a speech, they will turn to you as the leader and spokesperson. Your name comes up more and more when members of your organization are looking for new team members or to spearhead new opportunities. Inspiring public speaking allows to you to be more visible, thereby making you the “go-to” guy or gal.

Advantages of Public Speaking to your career: 

  • Being seen as an expert. You ARE speaking about this topic. Why would you be asked to speak if you weren’t an expert?
  • Being memorable. What you say and how you convey yourself can be absorbed for a long time after you’ve spoken, especially with shared online videos (thank you YouTube).
  • If you are memorable then your Brand is remembered too. You will be seen as the “go-to” person on the subject at a later time.
  • Trust will be built with your target audience. Trust is dynamically increased by seeing someone face to face and experiencing the emotions and senses that comes with that, creating rapport.
  • Networking will explode. Being seen and introduced to many people at once? It’s a total win. There will be “buzz” offline and on, Twitter is your friend here, linking you to future audiences who will hear how amazing you are!

Does all this sound like something you want for the new year?

To learn how to inspire your organisation, to increase your self confidence, and to rocket your career to new levels… we have an incredible programme for you… The Inspiring Speakers Programme. A 6-month intensive public speaking experience like you’ve never seen before.

Join a crack-team to receive training, coaching, feedback and practical support from public speaking expert Sarah Lloyd-Hughes of Ginger Training & Coaching. Find your message and unleash it on the world.

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