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Public speaking is an art form, not a science

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Most public speaking training advises us to “do this” and “not that”. Should’s and shouldn’ts listed as facts by “experts” simply because it worked for them. Their message is clear: “Follow me and do exactly as I do and you’ll be a wonderful public speaker.”  However, this is untrue for two key reasons…

The ‘Rules’ approach to public speaking training gives the illusion that there is a specific science to speaking well. That if you follow one specific formula every single time… you’ll be the perfect public speaker. This is simply untrue.

This is confusing and even deceptive for two reasons:

1. Public speaking rules make you more nervous rather than more natural

If you have to remember all these “rules”, the should’s and should nots, it’s simply going to make you more nervous.

Brilliant public speaking is an art form… an art form that is created by the voluminous verbal stylings of YOU. You are the artist, painting a picture with your words, touching the hearts of your audience.

It’s less about rules and more about what comes from your “brush”. Lists of public speaking rules act as reasons why you’re not the perfect public speaker… and can make us more nervous, rather than help us to shine as public speakers.

As I explain in this video, it’s much better to develop your own style, rather than idolise someone else’s.

2. The rules make you a less authentic speaker

If you’re just mirroring someone else, you won’t be genuine… not even a little.

Think of famous artists. Did Van Gogh copy Michaelangelo’s style or did he strike out and develop his own iconic style? The latter of course. The more you copy another, the more you’ll worry about getting it “right”.

The truth is, the speakers who have the most power to impact an audience are those who are the most natural and the most authentic – not the speakers who copy others.

Public Speaking is an art.

Public speaking is an art form rather than a science, because different techniques and brush strokes work differently for different people. The wrong or right answer only exists as it applies to what is wrong or right for you. Even as Van Gogh had to learn certain techniques, you can learn what style works best for you.

That’s what Ginger’s approach to public speaking is truly about… finding your own voice, with authority and authenticity, to become the best verbal artist you can be.

Authenticity matters. It’s your unique and personal tool to share your art with the world. The best way to find your voice is to get feedback on your authenticity… think of it as “loving art critics” or your “art teacher”.

We all need guidance for our art. For example we have a great 1 day Foundations of Excellent Public Speaking Course in London that focuses on exactly this. Simply put… be the best you, you can be. Remember that you are an artist and public speaking is indeed… an art form.

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