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The hidden value of public speaking courses for team building

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes
Happy team after completing The Fundamentals of Public Speaking workshop with Ginger.

The Anatomy of a Successful Team

If you were to examine the anatomy of a successful team, you’d probably find that the ties binding it together are often formed through shared experiences. It’s the collective trials, triumphs and tribulations that create an unspoken bond, a camaraderie that can help team members navigate the highs and lows of corporate challenges.
One such experience, which is often overlooked for its team-building potential, is a communication skills workshop. Learning how to be an impactful speaker may seem like a private endeavour, an individual skill honed through study and practice. Yet when approached with a team-centric perspective, it can become an opportunity for collective growth and bonding.

The Power of Public Speaking in Team Building

Imagine a group of colleagues, each with their own apprehensions and aspirations, embarking on a journey to master the art of leadership communication. A public speaking workshop becomes their safe space, a place where vulnerabilities are shared, affirmation becomes the currency of progress and human brilliance unfolds. As each team member takes to the stage, the act of speaking becomes less about the individual and more about the collective ethos of the team. In this context, Deloitte Insights offers an enlightening perspective with their article, ‘High performance team-building,’ which delves into the intricacies of creating and nurturing high-performing teams, echoing the transformative journey of our workshop participants in today’s complex work environments.

Leadership Communication: A Journey of Collective Growth

When you witness your peers grappling with the same challenges you yourself face, a team can develop a profound empathy that might not otherwise have emerged. Public speaking courses create a unique arena where team members can experience and appreciate their colleagues’ personalities and perspectives and encourage their growth. This shared experience can bridge gaps in understanding, dissolve hierarchies and foster a spirit of mutual support and admiration. The SHRM article, ‘How Leaders Can Foster Better Collaboration,’ further explores this concept, highlighting the critical role of leadership in fostering an environment conducive to effective collaboration, a key element in the success of any team.

Communication beyond words

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any high-functioning team. But public speaking courses do more than simply teach the mechanics of effective communication; they also reveal the nuances of body language, how to deal with nerves, how to influence and how to create the impact you desire. These skills are invaluable in the day-to-day interactions of a team, enhancing overall cohesion and understanding.
Public speaking inherently cultivates leadership qualities. It encourages individuals to lead with their ideas and stand confidently behind their message. In a team, this creates a breeding ground for leadership, where potential leaders can be identified and nurtured. It also encourages a culture of collaboration, as team members learn to give and receive constructive feedback.

Adding the Ginger touch

At Ginger Leadership Communications, we understand the transformative potential of public
speaking. Our courses are designed not only to create compelling speakers but also to build
stronger, more connected teams. With a focus on values such as authenticity, courage, generosity and a touch of Ginger ‘spice’, we guide teams through a playful yet challenging experience that transcends the traditional public speaking paradigm, leaving team members with a set of powerful tools, not rules. On a Ginger course such as Public Speaking Fundamentals, words such as presence, impact and self- awareness become a shared vocabulary and team members can celebrate their uniqueness as well as their collective identity and values. The spotlight shines on each member, not to highlight individual prowess but to illuminate the strength of the team as a whole. In this way, a public speaking workshop can be a surprisingly powerful team-building exercise. It’s an arena in which individual growth can catalyse team unity, where effective communication becomes a shared mission, and where each voice adds to the next to create a harmonious team spirit. When teams complete one of our Ginger public speaking courses, they carry with them not only improved speaking skills but also an enduring fellowship, a testament to the shared journey they’ve undertaken. It’s an investment in the individual and the team, where the true value lies in the connections developed along the way.

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes

The UK’s leading inspiring speaking expert & best-selling author. Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is a multiple-award winning public speaking coach, founder of Ginger and author of “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” (Pearson).

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