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What’s a quick way to write a speech?

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Speech writing doesn’t need to be a confused mess of ideas if you follow these simple Ginger speech writing tips. Look at your speech like taking a group of adventures up a mountain. Let’s investigate…

You’ve got your audience, your band of people going on a journey with you. You’re starting out by looking at the Himalayas, this glorious range of mountains; all the different speech topics you can get to.  Then with your group you decide “Look. THIS is the mountain we’re going to climb today; this is the journey I’m going to take you on.”

Quick Speech Writing Tip 1 – Choose the journey

At the beginning of the speech set up your aim; where you want to take your audience.

At the beginning also, you want to make sure that they trust you as a speaker. They’re not going to follow you up a mountain if they don’t feel you’re fully equipped or fully credible to go on that journey, getting them there safely and quickly.  Gain credibility and then you start on this journey with them.

Quick Speech Writing Tip 2 – Climb the mountain

As you begin think of the key moments as places to stop along the way, moments for the audience to catch their breath and to appreciate the view around them.

Remember you are experiencing this together and as you go up the mountain you might find that things are getting more exciting.  Building in intensity you help your audience to continue to focus on the top of the mountain.

Quick Speech Writing Tip  3 – Hold their interest

There should be something there motivating your audience to keep going.  Tell them the purpose, the “why I’m telling you this information” .

Create some drama, a “good versus evil” contrast.  It could be the right solution versus the wrong solution and as you go up the mountain the stakes are raised.

Quick Speech Writing Tip  4 – Reach the summit

Each key moment, or resting place, becomes more important than the one before until you hit the climax. Then as we reach the summit the audience feels that they’ve learned something new and can see something beautiful as a result.  You’ve all learned something together.  You can all say “We’ve reached the top of the mountain and we can all be amazed at the work we’ve done together” .

Quick Speech Writing Tip 5 – Descend quickly

The descent is like a movie ending. Boy meets girl, loses girl, gets girl back in the big climax point of the movie. But more often than not there is just a little piece at the end where they tell you how the boy and girl dropped thousands on a wedding and had babies and didn’t have time for snuggling any more leading to another movie. (kidding. Sorta) It’s a little wrap up, a brief conclusion that gives everyone the feeling that you’ve “breathed out”, conquered the mountain, and are grateful to be down the other side… together.  This is where you get to call your audience to action and at this point you’ll need to be powerful. You’ll need to push your key information outlined in your speech.

Your conclusion should look like this: Key information. A call to action. Stop talking. Your audience doesn’t need to walk all the way back down the mountain with you, they’ll lose energy. Instead, imagine you’ve chartered a helicopter to whiz everyone back down.

Follow these quick speech writing tips and you’ll be sure to impress!

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