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What’s your Public Speaking Marketing Strategy?

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When you implement a Public Speaking Marketing Strategy you are giving potential customers a chance to see what you have to offer, how much you believe in your company, and what you can do for them. You’ll have a chance to reach tons of new customers where you’ll have the chance to get them liking and trusting you… and your business.

People “buy” people… not products.

By utilising a Public Speaking Marketing Strategy people will be able to relate to you, and as a result your business, on a much more personal level.

But how do I do this in MY company you ask? It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think. You just need to ask the right questions…

What’s your market?

When you’re starting out with a Public Speaking Marketing Strategy, it’s best to think small. Fortunately, speaking in front of small groups like the local PTA or business leads club can have huge benefits for your business.

If you’re selling from a storefront, you need to know how many people in your target market live nearby.  If you’re selling from a website, you need to learn about your prospective customers’ online behavior and create videos (yes that’s public speaking too!) to reach them.

Understanding how to locate your customers early on can help you establish a game plan once you start building a Public Speaking Marketing Strategy.

Who are your customers?

Are you speaking to a low or high risk audience? Is it a relaxed environment where your audience is on your side no matter what comes out of your mouth? Or a tough/professional crowd that has high expectations of you and your speech?

What’s the age of your targeted audience/customer? Ethnicity? Socioeconomic background? Education level? Marital status? Career choice? Religious or not so much? Once you find out all you can about the type of customer that will love your product, you can figure out exactly what to say.

Once you’ve understood your audience’s perceptions about your subject matter, you’re better placed to say what needs to be said – and to let the rest of the traditional waffle and guff slide away from your talk.

Where will you find your customers?

Look around you and ask yourself what events are coming up that would fit the subjects you speak on? Look at the events coming up in your city or community. You can always look at to see if any communities already exist; which is probably the best known platform for different interest groups to meet up.

Otherwise, most businesses list themselves at the local chamber of commerce, giving you an opportunity to identify if their organization could utilize you as a speaker. There are also business networking events at which you could promote yourself.  The possibilities are numerous. Utilize your off and online connections to garner yourself some speaking opportunities.

What type of subject matter will serve your business AND be relevant to your customers?

If an audience views your topic as important, they’ll listen more intently for longer periods of time. Ask yourself “What does this audience really care about?” and relate your topic to those things.

  • Use stories and examples
  • Give them compelling reasons to listen
  • Use their language

If YOU view your topic and your business as important… so will they. Now that you’ve discovered the expectations from the audience on your topic, apply that information to your public speaking marketing campaign.

  • How long should I speak?
  • How much content do I need?
  • What stories, examples, or anecdotes can I use?
  • How should I frame the topic?
  • What other things can I do to get the audience to relate?

What’s your idea worth spreading?

Think about your audience. What is one idea or concept that your audience will find fascinating? Think about things that would capture your audience’s attention, a selling point or something broader about your business that would make them aware of what you do.

  • What is ONE thing about my business that others will want to pass on?
  • What is it about my business that is different or not seen before?
  • What is it about my business that is super useful to people? 

Are you representing your “Brand”? 

Branding isn’t so much about marketing but about making believers. Public Speaking is vital to spreading your message of change and promoting YOU i.e. Your Brand. What can public speaking do to increase your ‘Brand’ recognition (essential to marketing strategies everywhere)

  • Being seen as an expert. You ARE speaking about this topic. Why would you be asked to speak if you weren’t an expert?
  • Being memorable. What you say and how you convey yourself can be absorbed for a long time after you’ve spoken, especially with shared online videos (thank you YouTube).
  • If you are memorable then your Brand is remembered too. You will be seen as the “go-to” person on the subject at a later time.
  • Trust will be built with your target audience. Trust is dynamically increased by seeing someone face to face and experiencing the emotions and senses that comes with that, creating rapport.
  • Networking will explode. Being seen and introduced to many people at once? It’s a total win. There will be “buzz” offline and on, Twitter is your friend here, linking you to future audiences who will hear how amazing you are!

What are you giving?

The most powerful speakers have a strong belief that their public speaking will bring some kind of benefit to the audience. If you believe firmly in your message (and your business), you will have no problem speaking with confidence; because that message is more important than your nerves.

You can also add handouts, brochures, checklists or other free information about both the topic you’re discussing and your business. This gives your future customers something with which to remember you and more importantly your company!

Speakers who want to serve rather than just trying to gain more business, are the ones people want to listen to. It’s the difference between giving and taking.

As a business you want to enrich the lives of your consumers while at the same time utilising your very best public speaking marketing strategy. Your audience/future customers will to listen to a giving, servant speaker time and time again.

Ultimately, a thriving Public Speaking Marketing Strategy transforms your company into one that inspires loyal customers who will absolutely buy what you’re selling.

I’d love for you to check out and follow myLinkedIn company page Ginger Training & Coachingfor all the latest tips and techniques relating to public speaking, confidence, communication and – most of all- making exciting change happen in your life. 

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