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Boost impact and visibility through a transformational TED-style speaking journey

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With time and attention a valuable commodity, we only have a short window to make an impact. But more often than not, presentations, talks and pitches are too long, cluttered with information and eye-glazingly dull.

In our highly successful Amplify programme, we unpack the power of TED talks to help rising stars communicate with greater impact and step into the next level of leadership. In this transformative journey, you’ll learn how to develop your ‘idea worth spreading’, gaining the skills to deliver a stand-out talk and win support for your perspective, and the ability to generate advocates who pass on your message to the wider world.

We help you to speak with confidence and personality about a topic that matters to you, strengthening your thought leadership and credibility. We explore how to find your idea that needs amplifying and how to shape it into a compelling narrative, getting you up on your feet and delivering a high-impact talk that will inspire positive change.

What do we cover?

Ideas worth amplifying

We uncover the reasons why TED-style speaking is so influential and what lessons we can learn for our own business message. We help you find a gem of an idea from your professional experience, then test and refine it with your group and Ginger trainer to hone in on the most compelling opportunity.

Structure your idea

We introduce a simple, powerful structure that revolutionises your approach to speech writing and beyond. Using worked examples, you start structuring your idea into a TED-style talk. Working with your Ginger trainer and in breakout groups, your ideas will begin to shape into a form that feels compelling and clear.

Winning hearts & minds through storytelling

We dig into the art of telling stories and how to bring your talk content alive, looking at the difference between traditional business communications and TED talks and encouraging you to bring more drama and personality to your storytelling. Your trainer and cohort will help you to spot examples from your experience that illustrate your message and bring your idea to life.

Making your ideas stick

How to make your idea ‘stick’ in the minds of your audience, this playful and creative session explores devices which can make your talk more memorable. We brainstorm innovative ways to add weight to your idea. Guided by your Ginger trainer, you’ll be encouraged to try something new and daring, in service of the message you want others to hear.

Fears & Fixes

We unpack the nervous response in high-stakes communication scenarios like delivering a talk, investigating the role of body language, voice and mental habits that help build confidence. Focusing on the delivery of your talk, you’ll start to share it with the group and receive a healthy dose of affirming, strengths oriented feedback.

Impact and personality

We investigate how to bring range and contrast into your speaking style. Taking inspiration from TED speakers, we look at four different communication styles and their emotional impact on an audience. In small groups, you’ll experiment, practicing elements of your talk using different personality styles to stretch your comfort zone and develop your ability to be more courageous.

Amplify, Amplify, Amplify

This session looks at what it takes to step up your game as a leader driving an important message. We investigate some of the effects of increased visibility and how to continue stepping into the spotlight to drive change. At this stage, you’ll bring your whole talk together and test it with your group.


Inbuilt 1-2-1 coaching: The programme includes 1-2-1 coaching (1-hour per participant).

Final showcase: The moment we showcase and celebrate your success where you deliver your full 10-minute TED-style talk to a live audience. Your ‘rite-of-passage’ that cements the lessons of the programme and transforms your leadership communication.

Your key takeaways

  • Knowledge of how to spot and share a compelling idea
  • Greater clarity and sense of purpose in your communications
  • The confidence to be bolder in expressing your ideas
  • Greater capacity to engage and influence others
  • The ability to use storytelling as a tool for engaging others
  • Strengthened leadership presence and impact.
  • A masterfully constructed TED-style talk which can be re-used to showcase your thought leadership

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Interested in this course?

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