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Elevate your Influence

Win hearts and minds with courage and conviction

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This discussion-led training helps you to be bolder in driving positive change, with the skills to win support for your perspective without the need for aggressive tactics or political game-playing. We explore different scenarios where you need to win hearts and minds, and the challenges you face as a leader gaining buy-in from others, particularly when swimming against the tide of established opinions and practices.

Focusing on building empathy and clarifying vision, you’ll develop positive influencing prowess that feels congruent, empowers others and brings people with you on a path to sustainable change. You’ll leave with a renewed sense of energy around what you want to influence and how you’ll go about it.

Part A: Your sphere of influence

We investigate who you need to influence and the barriers to doing it effectively, exploring difficult situations where leaders need to step up rather than shy away from articulating their perspective, such as facing challenge from peers, dominant personalities or opinions, and competing agendas.

Part B: New ways to win hearts and minds

We zoom in on your own sense of purpose and how it aligns to the corporate direction. We build influencing skills based on empathy, ownership and collaboration, equipping you with courage and skills to articulate your perspective with compelling conviction and magnetic results.

Your key takeaways

  • Greater confidence to speak up against established norms and group think
  • Increased empathy, particularly for those we struggle to influence
  • Strengthened ability to pull in the same direction, rather than ‘playing politics’
  • Confidence in your own personal approach to influencing in a way that feels natural
  • Development of an influencing style that draws people together and lifts them up

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Interested in this course?

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