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Present with Influence

Elevate communication & gain buy-in for your ideas

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When you need the backing of senior stakeholders, you’ve got a limited opportunity to showcase your idea or initiative.

In this highly practical course, we get inside the mindset of senior stakeholders to understand what it takes to influence busy people. We investigate how to present information in a short, focused format that has maximum impact upon busy senior stakeholders and you’ll get started on creating your own power presentation.

You’ll learn how to stay confident under pressure and pick up practical tools for staying centred and calm. Using the power presentation you’ve started to develop, we roleplay delivering this presentation to a difficult senior audience. Expect to be stretched out of your comfort zone in a safe environment, equipping you with greater focus and resilience to land your message and influence decision makers.

What do we cover?

5-minute power presentations

How to present your ideas in a short, focused format that has maximum impact – what we call a 5 minute power presentation. You’ll take away a format for organising your ideas and start to develop your own power presentation.

Maintaining confidence under pressure

You’ll learn the three key habits of delivering high-impact content, have the opportunity to try out what works best for you, and pick up practical tools for staying centred.

Your key takeaways

  • An understanding of your communication style and how it can be flexed to suit busy and senior stakeholders
  • Tools for building your confidence to communicate with influence, no matter who’s in the room
  • A simple structure for developing clear, high-impact presentations
  • Actionable tips for shaping presentations and updates into professional 5-minute power presentations

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Interested in this course?

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