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Purpose-Driven Leadership

Re-energise and re-connect to personal and corporate purpose

  • Advanced / Intermediate ability Advanced / Intermediate ability
  • Multi-day Programme Multi-day Programme
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We’re living through turbulent times, where leaders and their teams are intensely busy, overwhelmed and often hanging on by a thread.

Without action, we’ll see an increase in anxiety and stress-related illnesses, loss of top talent to competitors and reduction in productivity as we ‘do, do, do,’ without grounding in a deeper purpose.

This programme helps leaders to not only survive today’s challenges but to thrive through turbulent times and beyond. It involves lively discussions, theory sessions, practical exercises, storytelling, coaching and challenges to inspire visionary thinking and elevate leadership to the next level. A new era of leadership that’s underpinned by:

  • Elevated Purpose that brings deep meaning and focus to daily activities
  • Elevated Self-Awareness so that leaders choose the habits and behaviours that elevate others, to the
    benefit of all
  • Elevated Action that creates meaningful, high-impact and lasting change

You’ll walk away with truck loads of peer learning, an incredible new network, clarity around your purpose, new tools and a personal game plan to amplify your message and transform your leadership impact.

What do we cover?

  • Living the corporate purpose: Reconnect to corporate and team purpose and values, and understand the challenges with living them
  • Get clear on my purpose: Identify, articulate my personal purpose and connect it to corporate and team purpose
  • Rise above the turbulence: Investigate and embody the characteristics of great leaders in turbulent times
  • Courageously defend and enact my/our purpose: Nurture a culture of brave, values-based decision making
  • Bring back value to team: Inspire Elevated Leadership within your team, organisation and wider sphere of influence

Your key takeaways

  • Build self-awareness and resilience, with renewed energy and commitment
  • Transform culture and empower peak performance
  • Create stronger alignment and drive, re-connecting to personal meaning
  • Enable greater diversity of voices
  • Improve performance and decision making
  • Improve wellbeing and sense of fulfilment
  • Elevate leadership impact and become an inspiring role model
  • Embed corporate purpose through meaningful connection

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Interested in this course?

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