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Bespoke & in-house Leadership Communications Training

Tailor made public speaking training for your company

Public speaking and communication skills training is one of the most commonly requested areas for professional development. Yet often training programmes are off-the-shelf solutions from generalists rather than experts. Millions are wasted every year on ‘quick-fix’ training that is purchased to plug a hole, rather than to align with the strategic priorities of the business.

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Ginger’s cutting-edge bespoke public speaking training is designed with you to serve your business aims. Based on more than a decade’s experience of developing authentic, charismatic and connective speakers, we’ll work with you to establish needs and build a programme that creates lasting change.

The Problem

Communication is at the heart of every successful business. Whilst public speaking trainers are easy to find, few training companies tailor their programmes to deeply align with business priorities.

Public speaking training often falls into one of three camps:

  1. A PowerPoint-driven presentation that lacks the opportunity for practical application
  2. Off-the-shelf training programmes that aren’t integrated into business priorities
  3. Programmes that are too short to have a genuine impact upon the business

Any of these options, or indeed no training at all, are an opportunity missed for your business.

Ginger’s bespoke training courses are a fourth way. We partner with our clients to get to know their needs and strategic objectives, then design training days and extended programmes that meet their needs in a measurable way.

Customers coming to us for bespoke public speaking training have various different needs, including:

  • Business or team falling behind the competition
  • Lack of clear and compelling communication from leadership, down to customer-facing team members
  • An on-paper communication strategy, that isn’t translated into real life
  • Gaps in the talent pipeline, e.g. low-quality applications for promotion opportunities
  • Leaders with speaking-related skills gaps
  • A shift in corporate culture, e.g. refreshing or humanising their corporate image

The Solution

We work closely with our clients to design and deliver training programmes that are right for your corporate culture and align to your strategic needs.

Combining public speaking skills training with leadership and personal development, we use cutting-edge methods that create lasting change.

Whilst the bespoking process is flexible to individual needs, we typically do the following:

  1. Needs assessment: identifying your business priorities and skills gaps in relation to public speaking and communications.
  2. Programme design: based on our extensive experience of ‘all things spoken word’, we’ll piece together a training solution to suit your aims and budget. You’ll get input at every step of the way to make sure we meet your urgent needs and sit alongside your culture.
  3. Pilot: You then select your first cohort to experience the programme. As we progress through each training day, we flex content to your needs, from altering exercises, to changing session themes.
  4. Review: We’ll capture the impact of the programme and make adjustments as required.
  5. Roll-out: Your bespoke training is then rolled out to further groups and/or territories.

Each bespoke programme will have different training elements, including one or more of the following:

  • In-person training
  • 1-2-1 coaching
  • Virtual group sessions
  • E-learning
  • Facilitated tasks outside of sessions
  • Peer mentoring
  • Speaker showcase event

And can cover any of the following topics, or a combination:

  • Presence & impact: from body language, to personal brand
  • Writing a talk: storytelling and structuring a talk
  • Presentation skills: PowerPoint and beyond
  • Leadership communications: vision, voice & visibility
  • TED-Style speaking: finding an ‘idea worth spreading’ and turning it into a killer keynote talk

If you’re interested in a bespoke programme, it’s best to get in touch to arrange a no-obligation consultation where we can brainstorm solutions with you.

A Client Story

A leading tech firm engaged Ginger to develop and deliver a leadership communications programme for their female leaders. They identified a significant gap in the number of men vs women in technology, both within their organisation and within the population at large. Together with their Head of Marketing, we developed an ambitious bespoke programme that would serve multiple aims.

Within the company a group of 16 high potential female leaders were identified, who wanted to improve their voice and visibility both within the company and in an external capacity. Participants ranged from seasoned speakers, to comparative beginners who felt that their lack of visibility was getting in the way of their career.

Looking at the lack of girls who are interested in careers in tech, the company decided that they’d like to go into schools to inspire boys and girls; at the same time developing their own speaking and leadership skills. We connected them with a partner training company who arranged the logistics for visits to 30+ schools and a competition to engage the schools.

Ginger’s bespoke leadership communications training programme began with a pilot of two phases:

Phase One focused on preparing the speakers to inspire school children into careers in tech. Participants were offered theory and practice around charisma and gravitas, interactivity, stage presence, storytelling and beyond.

‘The biggest learning was to use my personality,’ said one participant, ‘I thought that success was all about learning my presentation, but it turns out that was much less important. When I went into a room of 200+ young people, I had to be big, bold and engaging to inspire them. The whole experience boosted my confidence and showed me how I could be much braver in my everyday business presentations.’

Phase Two then focused on business speaking, developing the participants into visible role models who could redress the industry gender balance at industry events. Participants were set the challenge of preparing a talk to deliver publicly at the company’s annual client summit.

‘The process of writing my talk was challenging, but incredible,’ said one participant who, like all participants were expected to develop a talk that showcased their thought leadership. ‘I learned so much about finding ideas that are simple and compelling for an audience. This was my first ever conference speech, but the Ginger team supported and championed me at every stage – from finding my concept, to writing the talk, to giving me a gentle shove onto stage at the right moment!’

Participants felt that the network and skills they developed from this programme were a major boost to their career. And best of all, many of the talks that resulted from the programme were seen as the best of the entire conference.

This programme is now being scaled up and repeated.

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