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Signature Programmes

Multi-day transformative journeys

Experiential programmes that dive deep into the leadership communications' skills needed to inspire and influence others

Communication is at the heart of good leadership, yet many leaders feel they’re lacking the ability to connect with and inspire others, and few receive the space and expert support to explore and develop their communications’ impact. As a result, organisations are left underpowered, missing out on the full potential of their workforce and the ability to achieve their business objectives.

Without strong leadership communications, we see:

  • leaders who lack profile or visibility, especially to their wider industry
  • a lack of authenticity, clarity and purpose
  • scattergun communications that are not aligned to strategic aims
  • dry or uninspiring approaches that fail to motivate staff or clients
  • ‘broadcasting’ rather than building connection and buy-in
  • a lack of clear vision that’s communicated in a consistent and inspiring way throughout the organisation and to clients

The Solution

Our signature programmes take participants on a transformative leadership journey to become compelling communicators capable of inspiring and influencing others, driving innovation and leading positive change in their company, industry and beyond.

In our Storytelling Mastery Programme, we teach leaders to use the power of storytelling to engage, inspire and influence any audience, to stand out and be more memorable and demonstrate why their work really matters.

Our Amplify Programme turns leaders into powerful communicators, harnessing TED-style speaking to drive thought leadership and credibility, and boost diversity of voices through high-impact short talks.

Elevate is our exciting new programme for leadership in turbulent times, helping leaders to become deeply connected to their personal and company purpose, with a clear vision for change and the ability to communicate with maximum impact.

Ginger’s Signature Programmes

Signature programme

Storytelling Mastery

Engage, inspire and influence any audience through the power of storytelling

  • 1-2-1 Coaching
  • Multi-day Programme
  • Mixed
  • Included in 1 category
    • Signature programmes
Signature programmes

Purpose-Driven Leadership

Re-energise and re-connect to personal and corporate purpose

  • Multi-day Programme
  • Advanced / Intermediate
  • Included in 1 category
    • Signature programmes
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