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Ginger Trainers

Ginger is led by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, award winning coach and best-selling author of ‘How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking’ (Pearson).

Meet the Ginger trainers, their stories and experience and find out how they can help you start your journey with Ginger.

Beverley Glick Beverley Glick Aneesa Chaudhry Louria Lindauer Nicola (Nics) Johnson Carlinde Kallianiotis Carlinde Kallianiotis Gail Lillian Gail Lillian Dr. Helen Thompson-Whiteside Dr. Helen Thompson-Whiteside Jennifer Davis Jennifer Davis Jojo Thomas Jojo Thomas Kate Barker Kate Barker Dr. Klaus-Dieter Rossade Klaus-Dieter Rossade Luke Gregorczyk Luke Gregorczyk Nicky Moran Robin Bayley Robin Bayley Rona Steinberg Rona Steinberg Sarah Lloyd-Hughes Su Mee Tan Su Mee Tan Susan Retik Susan Retik Tania Zeigler Tania Zeigler Tara Nesser Tara Nesser Véronique Baylaucq Véronique Baylaucq
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