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The TED-Style Talk Guidebook: Your workbook to write a brilliant short talk

The public speaking author and award-winning speaker coach, Ginger’s Founder Sarah Lloyd-Hughes has put her experience from thousands of hours of TED speaker training together into this one incredible TED Talk Guidebook.

TED-Style speaking is great for:

Regular conference speakers

If you’re speaking a lot, you need to make sure your presentations are engaging the audience. Otherwise, what’s the point? We have far too much information thrown at us every day to remember anything but the sharpest and most relevant information. Speakers need to become experts at creating compelling public speaking to cut through the noise.

Standing out from the crowd

If your industry is generally pretty dull, then you have a serious opportunity to stand up and be remembered. Let’s just make sure you’re memorable for the right reasons! Learning how to write a TED talk or TED-style talk will help you to highlight your key messages with energy and charm.

Boosting confidence

It’s amazing how much more confident you feel as a speaker when you know you’ve got a great talk structure behind you. Our TED-style Talk guidebook gives you proven methods to help you find and write that world-class TED talk that’s sitting inside you.

Clearer, more powerful messaging

There’s nothing more impressive than a talk that gets straight to the point, especially when that point is compelling and useful. Ginger’s TED-style Talk guidebook will show you how to write a TED-style talk. You’ll learn how to cut to the chase and create a simple, elegant talk that impresses even the most critical of audiences.

Raising your profile

As your speaking improves you’ll become more visible within your workplace or industry. Here’s when the great opportunities start popping up, like international conference invitations, interviews, books. With TED-style speaking, the sky’s the limit.

Upping your game in all types of speaking

It’s not just conference speeches – TED-style speaking helps you to construct powerful messages in sales pitches, company meetings, workshops, elevator pitches, you name it. Anyone who has to communicate a message can benefit from the TED-style talks approach.

From this guidebook, you will get:
  • A 30-page step-by-step guide to writing a TED-style inspired talk or presentation
  • Pdf format, with the possibility to download and print
  • A simple method that gives space for your own creativity
  • Clear instructions on how to start and end your TED-style talk
  • Methods for engaging the audience throughout
  • Advice on how to thread a story as you write your TED-style talk
  • Practical exercises to guide you through the speech writing process
  • A workbook that actually creates your talk as we go
The TED-Style Talk Guidebook: Your workbook to write a brilliant short talk
  • Cost: £20 +VAT
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