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Wall of Women Game Changing female leaders

This showcase of inspiring female speakers is part of Ginger’s work with game changing leaders.

You’ll find here role models who are all on a mission to bring about positive change in their professions and beyond. Please connect with them, invite them to speak and support them in whatever way you can. Check back regularly as we’re expanding the list.

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How to write a TED-style talk, step-by-step. The TED-Style Talk Guidebook: Your workbook to write a brilliant short talk
  • Cost: £20 +VAT

This is a workbook designed to coach you through the steps of writing your TED-style talk; from finding your idea worth spreading to what to say at each stage of your talk.

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FREE Lessons from the most popular TED Talks The 10 Best Ways to Start Your Talk
  • Cost: FREE

Learn the best ways to start a speech from the Top 50 most viewed TED talks.

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Buy now for only £10 “How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking” by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes
  • Cost: £10 +VAT

Ginger founder, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes’ best-selling book outlines the six qualities of an inspiring speaker, qualities that we all possess. Emphasising authenticity, this book is the foundation of Ginger’s approach to developing relaxed, inspiring speakers. Buy from Amazon for only £10!

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Free How effective communications spur employee satisfaction and business results. Trust, Communication & Leadership
  • Cost: Free

Inspiring communications compel change. We’ve all been there. Listening to that speaker who inspires and convinces us that we can think or do better. Such speakers offer much needed leadership that makes companies and movements flourish. Yet, how often do you encounter a speaker like that? And how many work for your organisation?

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FREE 10 questions you should be asking yourself before you commission a training company. How to Choose a Soft Skills Training Provider
  • Cost: FREE

Here’s our guide to 10 questions to ask yourself before engaging any training provider. It will help you to get the maximum value for money if you’re hoping to work with Ginger Public Speaking, or any other service provider.

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