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Aneesa Chaudhry

Presence and Impact Specialist

Aneesa is a presence and impact specialist with a talent for bringing out the confidence of everyone around her. A trained barrister, a professional solo singer for nearly 30 years, and a conductor of community choirs for nearly 15 years, Aneesa is a deeply inspiring and motivating coach and trainer.

Aneesa’s style offers a transformative opportunity to build confidence in your voice and in life. By providing the necessary skills and mindset, Aneesa empowers individuals to speak up and speak out, find their unique voice to connect with others, and perform powerfully in any setting. Her coaching style enable individuals to enhance their communication abilities, leave a lasting impact on audiences, and live a more authentic life.

Passionate about diversity, Aneesa gives a voice to the voiceless and helps others make a difference in this crazy, fragile world. Aneesa is an LGBTQ+ ambassador and also works with people whose voices are changing for reasons including treatment, medication, health, and lifestyle.

Aneesa trained as a Barrister and completed the Bar Vocational Course in 2021. She spent 6 years working in the legal field, including work as a court reporter in the Royal Courts of Justice and a technical editor for a legal publisher (Sweet & Maxwell / Thomson Legal Publishing). She then worked in the voluntary sector for 10 years, where she developed a passion for community engagement and helping individuals develop their advocacy and public speaking skills to effect positive change within hospitals, primary care trusts, the local council, and the community.

Aneesa began coaching as a public speaking coach in corporate settings using an experiential learning approach. Her clients include the Royal Airforce, British Airways, The Lansdowne Club, Legal & General, Standard & Poors, Capita, and Ogilvy.

Aneesa is also a professional singer and works in a solo capacity as well as with jazz and world music bands and big bands. As a soloist, she sings a mix of genres, including classical, pop, and jazz. Knowing how to hone improvisational skills has proved extremely helpful in her business endeavors. Aneesa also runs 5 community choirs where continual confidence building and skills growth enable the individuals she works with to give presentations and speak on huge stages in front of thousands of people.

Expect Aneesa to be a ‘walk alongside you’ coach. She assists individuals in navigating the most challenging aspects of their preparation, supporting them through failures and numerous mistakes, and aiding them in getting back on their feet. Her aim is to help them become accustomed to failure and develop the resilience necessary to handle its aftermath as they progress on their path to success. As their biggest cheerleader, she rejoices in celebrating their significant victories.

Aneesa encourages people to engage in difficult tasks without overthinking, enabling their subconscious minds to avoid sabotaging their opportunities for adaptation and forward progress from their initial meeting.

Superpowers: Aneesa loves helping people explore how to use their voices to make a positive difference in their lives, both in business and personally. She enjoys helping them discover their inner voice, unleash it, and use it powerfully. She enjoys supporting them in starting to live from a place of passion, rather than simply doing what they believe they should be doing. She finds joy in witnessing their internal struggles as they fight for the changes they desire, enabling them to live a more meaningful life.

Most inspiring leader: Aneesa loves the style of leaders who don’t exude ego and are captivating to watch and listen to. She appreciates their intelligence and their ability to convey their message in a compelling and understandable manner. Some of her favourite leaders include Jacinda Ardern (former New Zealand Prime Minister), Barack Obama (former President of the USA), Russell Brand (comedian, public thought leader, and activist for mental health and drug rehabilitation), and Mhairi Black (Scottish National Party politician and deputy leader in the House of Commons).

Enjoys: Aneesa loves playing in nature, whether it’s in the wind, rain, or sun. She enjoys cycling, being creative, traveling and exploring, writing, and listening to music. Dancing, specifically Argentine tango, brings Aneesa great joy, and she appreciates indulging in good food, preferably homemade or enjoying a memorable dining experience. Podcasts and health & fitness magazines are among Aneesa’s favourite sources of information and entertainment. She has a passion for watching documentaries about our planet and captivating series that spark discussions about directing and storylines.

Let us in on a secret: Aneesa is a twin with Twin-tuition so they feel one another’s pain, despite living in different countries!

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