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Beverley Glick

Storytelling and Speech Structure Specialist

An award-winning public speaker, qualified Human Potential Coach and storytelling expert, Beverley is an experienced lead trainer and renowned former music journalist who specialises in helping leaders to deliver show-stopping talks.

Having spent much of her career working as a writer and editor, Beverley combines her love of language and scalpel-sharp editorial skills with a calm, comforting and supportive style to help clients get to the heart of what they truly want to say. She helps speakers to structure their thinking and their talks, drilling down to the one core idea or story that will deliver their message in the most compelling way. She instils confidence and clarity, preparing leaders to connect with their audience and perform in high-pressure situations.

Over the past few years, Beverley has delivered in-house programmes to prestigious corporate clients including Trivago, Bristol Myers Squibb, Microsoft and Hitachi Consulting. She also has a diverse one-to-one client portfolio, from fertility experts and fashion executives to tech leaders and brand managers, and has provided coaching support to speakers from TEDxCoventGardenWomen and TEDxAylesbury.

Prior to Ginger, Beverley enjoyed a successful career in print journalism. She started out as a music journalist – coining the term ‘The New Romantics’ – and over the years has been a features writer, columnist, editor and interviewer for high-profile UK publications including the New Musical Express, the Observer, the Sunday Telegraph magazine, the Sunday Express and the Daily Telegraph.

Beverley is also the author of In Your Own Words: Unlock the power of your life stories to influence, inspire and build trust (Right Book Press, 2024), which introduces the unique concept of a ‘life dictionary’ that speakers can compile to help them access meaningful and memorable personal stories. She also works with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them write books that will establish their reputation as thought leaders.

How it started: Along with a desire to enter the world of personal development, Beverley’s move into coaching and public speaking was triggered by the migration of national newspapers from print to digital. She’s gone on to use those coaching skills to help hundreds of speakers become powerful and inspiring communicators and has worked with companies of all sizes to improve their teams’ communication impact.

Superpowers: Beverley supports speakers to connect with their innate power and wisdom and help them sharpen their content, structure and messaging. Wise and witty, Beverley enables leaders to believe in the importance of what they have to say, arming them with the skills to express themselves with power, impact and emotional range.

Most inspiring leader: Brene Brown – because she’s brave, vulnerable, hilarious and a brilliant storyteller (and TED speaker). And, most of all, because she walks her talk.

Enjoys: Writing blogs and books, walking in the Chiltern hills, singing with a local covers band, Sunday roasts, deep conversations with friends, listening to ambient music.

Let us in on a secret: Beverley was once the editor’s secretary at Sounds and used to take dictation every week from the music paper’s star columnist – the legendary DJ John Peel!

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