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Kate Barker

Purpose and Impact Specialist

Kate is a leadership communications coach and trainer who thrives on helping leaders to connect with what makes them come alive so they can make a bigger difference in all areas of their life.

Kate specialises in helping leaders and organisations clarify their vision, and to communicate it powerfully and persuasively to galvanise others and inspire positive change. She is a brand and marketing expert, having worked in senior leadership roles in high-profile organisations including Procter & Gamble, BBC Worldwide, Brand Learning (Accenture), Nuffield Health and Macmillan Cancer Support. This experience fuels Kate’s approach to supporting leaders and teams to hone their message and get clear on what they want to say.

A big advocate for wellbeing in the workplace, Kate’s mission is to help organisations transform their culture, performance, and positive impact by putting purpose and wellbeing at the heart of leadership.

Kate also works alongside Ginger’s CEO, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, to nurture and grow Ginger’s client relationships in the UK.

 How it started: At the age of 19, Kate became part of the national training team of AIESEC, an organisation which helps young people develop leadership potential. A life-long passion for growth and personal development has underpinned Kate’s career which has taken her across the globe and enabled her to support leaders and teams to make a positive impact in the world.

Kate is now further enhancing her skills by undertaking a Masters in Executive Coaching & Behaviour Change with Henley Business School. She is a certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has completed a course in the Science of Wellbeing with Yale University.

Superpowers: Helping individuals and teams to discover their purpose, to ignite the fire in their belly and bring clarity and impact to their message.

Most inspiring leader: Steve Jobs. Kate feels there is much to be admired about him as a speaker; in particular, the simplicity and suspense he brought to his Apple product launches which created magic in the room. His 2005 Stanford commencement speech is one of Kate’s favourite ever speeches and still inspires her to go for her dreams.

Enjoys: Hiking, being in nature and climbing up a good hill or mountain, or getting out on the water on her paddle board and kayak.

Let us in on a secret: Kate has a lifetime goal to travel to 100 countries (she’s currently on around 65). Oh, and she got rescued from Antarctica in 2008 by the Chilean Navy and Argentine Air Force after the ship she was on ran aground.

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