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Louria Lindauer

Leadership Strategist & Coach

In a world where voices often go unheard, talents are overlooked, and creativity is stifled, Louria has been on a mission for the past 25 years to change that narrative. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of “People First Environments,” Louria advocates for spaces where talents are celebrated, voices matter, and innovation thrives.

Louria specializes in empowering leaders to cultivate psychologically safe spaces, where individuals are heard and valued, and innovation and talents flourish. With a unique blend of strategic coaching infused with technical expertise, she employs courageous candor to foster effective communication, leading to a surge in productivity. Through her guidance, organizations and individuals experience heightened belonging, increased cultural intelligence, and enhanced engagement and retention. As a result, individuals are empowered to confidently showcase their brilliance and illuminate the path to success.

Louria has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.She teaches a Leadership program at the Co-Active Training Institute, is a Certified Diversity Equity and Inclusion Executive, is an ICF Professional Coach, and is a Certified ICE Agile Team Coach. 


Beyond her professional work, Louria’s life is shaped by her love for family, a commitment to freedom, and the courage to embrace honest truths. She enjoys mountain biking, fishing, sand volleyball and to laugh one big laugh every day. As a mother, Louria’s transformative journey of coaching and supporting her daughter, Kaylah, inspired her to make a difference in the lives of other young girls facing challenges.


Louria’s superpowers include her fearlessness in speaking the truth, addressing the proverbial “Elephant in the Room” with courage, candor and humor. Her ability to generate innovative ideas and solutions, combined with her high intuition and emotional intelligence, allows her to see beyond mere words and understand the true essence of individuals and groups. Authentic, empathetic, and competitive, Louria sees possibilities where others see impossibilities, making her a formidable force in anything she does.

With her unwavering commitment to empower and inspire, Louria continues to embrace her superpowers and ignite the passions of those around her. 

Let us in on a secret

Louria is a ‘Techie who can talk’ who is majorly athletic. She played basketball, volleyball, softball and ran track from grade school until now. She was an all star throughout her high school career.  Fun fact…She tried out for the boys baseball team when she was in the 5th grade and didn’t make it. She was the first girl ever to try out. She practiced with her Dad all year: they threw grounds and played catch in front of the house for hours. Louria didn’t give up and the next year she tried out again despite some people telling her that it was ‘for boys.’ Louria didn’t believe in such limitations. She made it onto the team that year over a boy.  She still had a lot to learn, but one game she hit a triple and her whole team went crazy! The team included her and she had an amazing coach, Mr. Macy. Louria has been the first in many things because she feels a closed door is just waiting for her to open it.  

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