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Luke Gregorczyk

Body Language Specialist

Luke Gregorczyk’s dynamic experience includes being a certified Rolfing Structural Integration Practitioner for 10+ years, along with being Co-Active (CTI) coaching qualified. Yet his affection with education began with Art History at Sussex University, now further expanding to complete his MBA at Open University, where his deep love and appreciation of art in multiple mediums continues to thrive.

His studies have further expanded to embrace the field of semantics, psychology, and mindfulness, where Luke has developed a broad and in-depth understanding of how your body can impact your confidence and public speaking abilities. Through his work with Rolfing (a bodywork technique) he has effectively helped clients to improve their presence and remove blockages to communication via improving posture, movement, and coordination.

In his empathetic and exciting training and coaching, Luke teaches clients how to identify and influence the older parts of the brain that play a key role in making us feel safe under pressure. With intentional changes, such as adjusting one’s posture, he has helped an array of clients feel confident in each situation they encounter.

His coaching focuses on overcoming the need to please, finding calm under stress, and even negotiating with confidence. From keynote speeches, to interviews, sales pitches, or difficult conversations, Luke embraces his purpose to help his clients express themselves with authenticity and inspiration.

Superpower: Luke has a unique insight into communication through extra-verbal communication.  He has a built-in understanding of the direct impact our body has on our communications. He is fascinated with embodiment and how perception is changed when our body changes. 

Most inspiring leader: Luke is inspired by his wife, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, for her charisma, insight, and energy.

Enjoys: Luke loves to read Philosophy (both ancient and new), especially Platonic and Neo-Platonic thinkers. He also has two Sons he cherishes and creates ample time to focus on them and inject fun and joy in their time together.

Let us in on a secret: Luke has a mighty passion for Brasilian Jiu Jitsu and equestrian show jumping.

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