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Nicky Moran

Charisma & Presence Specialist

Nicky radiates an exciting and inspiring presence which leaves her clients feeling energized, capable, and wholly acknowledged. A CTI Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, CIPD Training certified, Nicky Moran blends her performing arts and media background with her experience with journalism and storytelling to deepen the impact in their executive communication, leadership influence, and magnetism.

As our award-winning authentic charisma expert, Nicky has worked with leader’s worldwide throughout multiple industries such as government, law firms, technology, health care, pharmaceutical, real estate, marketing, entertainment, and horticulture, who need to persuade people on a vision, build trust, and influence behaviours.  In the nearly 20 years as a leadership trainer and coach, Nicky has helped hundreds of leaders to develop their ability to inspire and activate others, including helping politicians win seats, lawyers to get onto boards, and a host of TED speakers to express themselves powerfully from the heart.

Nicky specializes in helping leaders to become more embodied in their communication and to speak with more authenticity, emotional connection, and power through her engaging, personalized, entertaining, and interactive style. She has long studied and interviewed charismatic leaders in a fascination to understand the psychology of charisma and used this insight to help leaders to shift their mindset.

How it started: In a previous role within the BBC, Nicky’s team brought in trainer who led an improvisation skills course to increase interpersonal communication. The way the trainer engaged the   group electrified the room, resulting in more expressive interactions and deeper connections. Nicky left the experience re-energized, wanting to provide that same experience for others. Within weeks she began her path to gain certification as a trainer and coach. Her choice to shift her career continues to unfold new and exciting results as she helps professionals become more creative, impactful, and charismatic in their communications.  

Superpowers: Assisting leaders in finding and stretching their levels of confidence, courage, warmth, presence, and authenticity by weaving her compassionate (yet bold) training and coaching style with her background in theatre, dance, music, and media. Nicky’s dynamic and enthusiastic approach will stretch delegates’ potential and leave them pepped and ready for action.

Enjoys: Music, theatre, Brazilian partner dancing forro, clowning, singing in harmony, swimming in icy water first thing, yoga, neuroscience, her home near the shore, current studies with The Somatic School, and bright green tops to match her bright red curly hair.

Let us in on a secret: With a BA in performing arts and media, Nicky utilizes her passion as a vocalist through performing in venues across London including Southbank Centre, Water Rats and Pizza Express.  At 18, her talents were discovered while busking on the streets of Chester where she ended up as a resident artist at a jazz venue. She also used her singing superpowers to fund her travel projects. One of Nicky’s memories being when she sang the famous ‘Fever’ in between service cocktails in a Tel a Viv musical restaurant called Punchline.

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