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Nicola (Nics) Johnson

Nics brings over two decades of rich experience to the training realm, having seamlessly progressed from sales roles to dynamic team leadership within the biopharmaceutical and life sciences sector. Her diverse roles have not only honed her expertise but have also provided her with the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding individuals, particularly in the realms of patient advocacy and artificial intelligence.

Throughout her illustrious career, Nics has consistently embraced a coaching mindset, fostering growth and development in those around her. Guided by the profound impact of excellent coaching she received from both professional coaches and invested leaders, she embarked on a transformative journey herself. In 2019, Nics completed her professional coach training with Barefoot Coaching, solidifying her commitment to empowering others.

Beyond the formalities of her roles, Nics has proven herself adept at leading and facilitating workshops within large organizations. Steering innovation teams through compelling pitches to internal stakeholders, akin to the challenges seen on “Dragons’ Den,” she has demonstrated a knack for driving creativity and collaboration. Her dedication extends to providing training, peer-to-peer coaching support, and mentoring for colleagues.

While much of her work has centered on the pharmaceutical sector, Nics has recently expanded her influence into the Healthcare advertising and financial services sectors. Regardless of the industry, she recognizes the universal challenges people face within large organizations—their aspirations for making a difference, securing promotions, and discovering their life’s passions.

Nics’s unique coaching approach revolves around helping clients unleash their awesomeness. By guiding them to uncover and leverage their unique strengths, she creates a space for them to clarify their goals and facilitates their journey towards turning aspirations into reality. Her style is characterized by a present and open-hearted demeanor, infused with an element of fun. Recognizing the seriousness of the world, she injects sessions with lightness, ensuring that individuals feel seen, heard, and comfortable sharing diverse thoughts.

For Nics, it’s not just about gaining knowledge; it’s about taking action. The question, “So now you know that, what are you going to do?” is a constant in her playbook, emphasizing the importance of building on newfound knowledge and making it work for individuals. With a strong theme of action and experimentation, Nics’s coaching and training style resonates with clients and colleagues alike.

Superpowers: Nics values both connection and communication. She takes pleasure in forging connections with people and facilitating relationships between individuals, finding joy and immense satisfaction in witnessing these connections evolve into valuable partnerships. Additionally, Nics finds fulfillment in the process of simplifying complex ideas and concepts, breaking them down into easily understandable points that she can effectively communicate to others. She believes that the ability to synthesize information clearly and communicate it well is a valuable superpower in a world inundated with more information than ever before.

Most inspiring leader: Drawing inspiration from a seasoned communicator like David Attenborough, Nics recognizes his lifetime dedication to his passion for the more-than-human world. Through heartfelt communication, he has successfully transcended generations. Nics appreciates the empathy Attenborough brings to his narration, allowing viewers to delve deep into the lives of the creatures portrayed. Furthermore, Attenborough does not shy away from the confronting truth that human actions impact these creatures, emphasizing the power and responsibility we hold to take action.

Enjoys: Nics has a profound love for the outdoors, embracing the wild natural spaces that captivate her. Whether it’s mountain biking, paddleboarding, camping, or simply taking a walk, she has always cherished the experience of being out and about. Adding to her connection with nature, Nics serves as a volunteer ranger for the regional park in her community. Her passion for learning knows no bounds. Recently, she has delved into the realms of knitting and crochet, alongside honing her skills in whittling with a deep-seated desire to craft a paddle for her paddleboard. Nics’s curiosity extends far and wide; it wouldn’t be uncommon to hear her discussing the intricacies of cultivating garlic while also exploring the art of blacksmithing a kitchen knife. Sharing these experiences brings Nics immense joy, especially when enjoyed with her partner Kris, her close friends, and her lifelong adventure companion, her identical twin Nats. Given her diverse interests, anything that expands her mind and imparts new knowledge is fair game based on the multifaceted pursuits outlined above.

Let us in on a secret: Nics, during lockdown, made the decision that the back garden needed a clay pizza oven. Finding guidance from an internet blog (alas, without an accompanying YouTube video), she embarked on the project. The Pizza Hut, as it’s affectionately known, is now in its third year, not only churning out delicious pizzas but also slow-roasting pork shoulders or beef briskets. This whimsical project encapsulates Nics’s approach to life—an attitude of “how hard could it be to…?”

Adding a unique aspect to her life, Nics is an identical twin, which brings both fun and a touch of the surreal, especially when they collaborate on projects together.

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