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Robin Bayley

Storytelling and TED-style speaking specialist

Storytelling is the foundation and framework of Robin’s leadership coaching. He’s an international expert on speech writing, conference speaking and corporate storytelling.

Robin explores what stories you are telling yourself, your colleagues and the world, and asks what stories you want to tell. He teaches leaders how to gain clarity on their message and emotionally connect with an audience, so they become compelling and powerful communicators.

Robin’s collaborative, uplifting style helps leaders to see the possibilities within themselves, and brings out their creativity so they speak with confidence and passion about the things that matter most to them.

A Co-Active CTI trained coach and internationally acclaimed author, Robin comes from a TV and advertising background which means he’s expertly tuned in to the messages we share. He coaches conference, keynote and TEDx speakers; business executives; emerging and senior leaders; high-profile personalities and teams from a variety of industries.

Robin works extensively with most of the women on Ginger’s exclusive Leader’s Voice programme, empowering them to deliver brilliant speeches at the annual Game Changers Summit at the House of Commons.

How it started: Storytelling was at the centre of Robin’s career in the advertising and entertainment industries. But his love of stories started much earlier when his grandma captivated the then 7-year-old Robin with exciting stories of his great-grandfather’s Mexican adventures – which inspired his own travels and his book ‘The Mango Orchard.’

While promoting his book at various literary festivals, Robin discovered how much he loved telling stories out loud rather than writing them down. And as other people started asking Robin to help them tell their stories, he realised his true calling.

Superpowers: Helping people find their colourfulness, their voice, their stories – and ultimately, themselves.

Most inspiring leader: Simon Sinek and Brene Brown. Leaders who get into what makes people tick and help to give people purpose – and purposefulness. Also, people like Amanda Gorman who stun their audiences with the power of words and stories.

Enjoys: Setting off on journeys without a map, hosting mean dinner parties, and sharing stories.

Let us in on a secret: Robin was once cast as a drug smuggler in a Bollywood film. Now that’s a story we’d all like to hear!


Marcie Shaoul Marcie Shaoul
Managing Director Rolling Stone Coaching

Robin is amazing at what he does. We didn’t have that long together, and in that time he helped me restructure the talk so it packed a whole lot more punch, and we worked on the delivery. Robin was a brilliant combination of patient and clear as well as really knowing his stuff. He could see clearly what was needed for maximum impact. I highly recommend Robin.

Marcie Shaoul
Managing Director
Rolling Stone Coaching
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