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Rona Steinberg

Confidence and Leadership Specialist

Delve deep into the core of who you are and what you stand for – Rona skilfully guides clients towards heightened self-awareness, more authentic communication, a powerful voice, and a deeper level of leadership, knowing that the first person you need to communicate with, is yourself.

Rona works with a diverse mix of clients, from heads of corporations and partners in law firms, to creatives and charity workers. She’s coached speakers for TEDx Covent Garden and other TED events and has helped women refugees to tell their stories to improve the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. Recently Rona has expanded her work at Ginger by bringing her customary insight, intuition and sensitivity to the facilitation of workshops focusing on courageous conversations for client leaders in corporate and other environments.

Rona’s clients all have one thing in common – the courage to work at a deeper level to find and express what they stand for in the world.

With 15 years’ coaching experience, Rona is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Professional Certified Coach, an author with a list of professional qualifications as long as your arm. She achieved all of this after a career as a solicitor specialising in media law, meaning Rona combines the sharp, logical thinking of a lawyer with intense, emotional empathy.

Rona’s fun and dynamic style helps leaders to understand what they want to say, why they want to say it, and how to express themselves in the most authentic and impactful way.

Rona is a highly sought-after public speaker herself, having spoken at numerous charity, Toastmasters and female leadership events.

How it started: Coming from a legal career, Rona noticed she felt most alive dealing with the emotional aspects of people’s legal issues. But it wasn’t until she worked alongside coaches and therapists as a business developer for a career consultancy firm, that she finally decided to make the switch and retrain as a coach.

It wasn’t a straightforward path, as Rona had resisted the pull of the coaching world for many years. It was by reaching out to a coach herself that Rona was able to fully explore her misgivings, vulnerabilities, hopes and dreams, allowing her to embrace her own truth, take the leap, and embark on a career as a coach. This personal experience gives Rona a powerful understanding of the authentic leadership that’s invaluable to Ginger’s clients.

Superpowers: Helping leaders to access their most magnificent selves. Rona builds deep understanding of their core values, helping them to access who they truly are and what they stand for in the world, so their voice becomes truer, clearer, more authentic and powerful as a result.

Most inspiring leader: Ester Perel – brilliant couples psychotherapist and speaker, her TED Talk and podcast come highly recommended. Byron Katie – gifted thought leader and speaker, her work is inspired, and her energy and intellect impressive. Michelle Obama – a hero. She has admirable honesty, emotional intelligence and the courage to speak up.

Enjoys: Hosting and being with family and friends for lots of food, drink and love. Yoga, walking, running, gardening, style and fashion, swimming in the sea and local lido, reading and long, lazy days on the beach. Choo Choo and Fifi, Rona’s Burmese cats. Creative writing group and independent writing – leading to the publication of ‘Live Out Loud, A Masterclass In Being Yourself’.

Let us in on a secret: Rona’s a fully committed Made in Chelsea and Love Island fan – not the viewing choices you usually expect from a grandmother in her sixties. But she can’t seem to stop…!

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