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Sarah Lloyd-Hughes

Founder of Ginger & Award Winning Public Speaking Coach

Sarah is one of the country’s most authoritative, sought after and leading public speaking experts. An award-winning coach, TEDx conference guest speaker and author of the best-selling book, ‘How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking’ (Pearson), Sarah has delivered hundreds of inspiring workshops that have seen her clients go on to deliver speeches at Parliament, Davos, and TEDx conferences; pick up prestigious awards; publish best-selling books; and become influential game changers in their own right.

She set up Ginger to support the transition to a new paradigm of leadership, where leaders need to ‘Speak Human’, rather than ‘Corporate’ to inspire trust in their followers. Sarah and her team emphasise storytelling, authenticity and servant leadership in communications. They help leaders to grow their vision, voice and visibility – and to rally change through the spoken word.

Sarah has a particular passion for championing women’s voices and tackling female leadership issues. She’s determined to change the fact that women tend to be less vocal and less visible than their male counterparts – despite being some of the most inspiring, authentic, and empathetic communicators on the planet. She’s on a mission to bring more female leaders into the public eye, helping to grow their confidence and amplify their impact so they are at the forefront of rallying change.

Through her groundbreaking Leader’s Voice program, Sarah cultivates a network of 100 visionary female leaders, dedicated to driving positive change and inspiring future generations.

In addition to her acclaimed Leader’s Voice program and corporate coaching, Sarah’s mission extends to creating a powerful cohort of female leaders reshaping the landscape of leadership across Britain, emphasizing collaboration and impact in how organizations are led and governed.

1-2-1 Coaching

A trained co-active coach, Sarah works 1-2-1 with a very few clients at any one time. Sarah is passionate about bringing positive change to the world and as such chooses to work 1-2-1 with clients based on their potential to influence change.

Clients can expect to work intensively with Sarah on developing and delivering an inspiring message for a variety of public speaking situations.[KT1] 

"How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking"

The top rated public speaking book on Amazon and a must-have for nervous and improving speakers alike.

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Cindy Hoots
Global Vice President, IT Unilever

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes’ ability to help people develop their vision, amplify the message and guide them in rallying the people and money needed to make it a reality is extraordinary. I would highly recommend Sarah and her team if you are looking to elevate your own impact.

Cindy Hoots
Global Vice President, IT
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