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Su Mee Tan

Presence & Impact Specialist

Su Mee is a dynamic Presence & Impact expert who acts from the fundamental belief that you are most impactful when being truly and unapologetically yourself.

Teaching her first presentation skills course while still at university, Su Mee has a 20-year history as both a trainer and change manager for prestigious international law firms spanning across the globe. Her experience lends to a wide array of clients, from highly experienced leaders to performing artists. Her knowledge and guidance really revs up in helping to build stage presence, increasing confidence, and creating an impact with intention.

Su Mee lives by the belief that if something is worth pursuing, it’s likely to be scary. This idea’s effect has compelled her to take on (musical) improv, song writing, and stand-up comedy among other challenging pursuits. She feels we all have something to say that can inspire others. As a result, her purpose is to encourage, support, and prepare others to take to the stage and share their ideas.

With a focus on creating a safe space in order to step out of comfort zones, Su Mee’s clients say she has helped them to discover and vocalize what they really want along with the confidence to try new and scary things. She has a judgement-free and no-nonsense approach, creating an enriching yet gentle fierceness to encourage clients to find their edge and explore what’s beyond their comfort zone. Her superpower is holding up a mirror so you can recognize your own superpower. 

Su Mee is a certified Co-Active Coach, and a graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program. She is also a certified Change Management Practitioner, a Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer, and she holds an MA in English Linguistics. 

Outside of her passion for coaching and performing, she loves spending time with her family.

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