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Tara Nesser

Mindset Specialist

Tara is a Co-active Coach and experienced trainer based in the US. She helps people to get lazer focused on what they want, what they value and who they are, so they lead with authenticity and impact. 
Having trained with the Co-Active Training Institute, Tara has held high-profile leadership and executive positions in fast-growing businesses, including Director of Talent Strategy, Head of Training and Development and Head of People. She has worked with clients ranging from high-growth start-ups and tech leaders to healthcare professionals and executive teams.

How it started: After years of being in people development roles with a wide variety of responsibilities, Tara realized she felt most fulfilled when directly training or coaching people. She loves working with clients to become more aware of who they are and more intentional about who they want to be as leaders and professionals. 

Superpowers: Living life with intention, helping others move from ‘should’ to ‘want’, to get the most out of leadership and life.
Most inspiring leader: Brene Brown – how she is so authentically herself. She doesn’t sound like anyone else; she doesn’t try to follow the usual script. She is a breath of fresh air.
Enjoys: Great dinner and wine with friends, traveling, and quiet times alone reading, cooking, or reflecting. I have an unlimited capacity to watch sitcoms – 30 Rock, Friends, Parks and Rec, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother – and pretty much everything that lives in that category.
Let us in on a secret: Thanks to Zoom, most people don’t know I’m only 4ft 11. My family’s favorite joke is that I’m 1 inch away from having to sit in a car seat in Indiana!

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