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BCLP Podium: Empowering Female Leaders in Law Globally through Innovative Communications

Empowering Voices, Shaping Futures: Podium - Revolutionizing Leadership in Law and Beyond


Podium, an innovative leadership communications program delivered by BCLP in collaboration with Ginger, empowered female leaders in the legal industry on a global scale. By equipping participants with exceptional communication skills and thought leadership abilities, Podium fosters true inclusion and equity. This groundbreaking program not only strengthens the capabilities of female leaders but also brings together BCLP partners and their clients, fostering valuable cross-Atlantic and global connections. The program’s culminating event showcases the remarkable growth and potential of the participants, further emphasizing the transformative power of effective communication.

The Ask

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (BCLP), an international law firm, partnered with Ginger to launch ‘Podium’ a first-of-its-kind leadership communication program in the legal industry. The objective was to bring together the next generation of female lawyers, strengthen partner-client relationships, advance careers, and foster international connections.


Podium spanned over 12 weeks fostering small group interactions between BCLP lawyers and clients globally. This highly successful program delves into the influential realm of TED talks, helping rising stars to communicate with greater impact and step into the next level of leadership. Throughout this transformative journey, participants learn how to develop an ‘idea worth spreading’, gaining the skills to deliver a stand-out talk and win support for their perspectives. Moreover, they honed the ability to generate advocates who amplify their message to the wider world.

Podium’s first cohort included female partners from BCLP and female lawyers from esteemed client organizations such as Bayer, BT, Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank, Emerson, Enterprise, and National Grid. This transatlantic program kicked-off on International Women’s Day at BCLP’s offices in London and New York with a diverse group of participants.

The Podium program ended in a final showcase presentation in May. During this event, each participant delivered a compelling 10-minute inspirational talk to a live audience of senior leaders of the legal field. This final event allowed them to showcase their newfound communication skills and thought leadership capabilities. 

Podium represents a significant commitment by BCLP and its partners to invest in the next generation of female leaders. By providing tangible support and concrete interventions, BCLP aims to overcome barriers and promote true inclusion and equity in the legal industry.

Ginger’s CEO, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, said: “BCLP Podium  is a ground-breaking opportunity to put women’s voices and thought leadership at the heart of the legal industry’s future, on both sides of the Atlantic. The commitment of BCLP and their partners to this exciting journey is extremely impressive, and the impact of the program has already been far reaching, for both the speakers and the audience. This program represents a step-change in what’s possible when learning and development, business development and diversity work together. Incredible!”

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Kat Harvey (Credit Agricole): “An extraordinary, powerful and meaningful programme that will have a huge impact on me personally and professionally. All the trainers were fantastic and talented and really got the best out of our cohort. A really life changing experience in so many ways – developing perspectives, communications skills, developing a network and being part of something bigger and more powerful.”

Erin Pell (Enterprise Holding): “I was blown away by each of the Ginger coaches and their effectiveness. It is such an excellent program and I am so thankful to have participated. The Podium Program was a true highlight of my career. It was a true example of taking action to further D&I efforts. The women were phenomenal, as were the Ginger coaches. I am sad the program is over!!”

Krista Ellis (CIB): “The trainers were outstanding.  The finale day was such an incredible experience.  It was amazing to see everyone so supportive of each speaker and so focused and engaged.  Nobody was checking their phone–so rare! Best thing I ever have participated in. I could write a whole article about this experience because it was so moving, so powerful, so energizing, so inspiring.  I need more time to fully process this experience”.

Erin Brooks (BCLP): Podium empowered me to take relationships with my colleagues and clients to the next level while learning (and deploying) real life communication and leadership skills. Podium ranks among my career defining moments to date, and I hope it spurs more.

Sarah Payne (Enterprise Holdings): “The energy and support Ginger provided was exceptional. The content, group dynamics and timetable had all clearly been thought about and worked like a dream. Quite simply the best program I’ve been a part of. Thank you to all the crew at Ginger.”

Anne Beehler (BCLP): “Ginger coaches know how to bring out the best in the people they are coaching and create a conducive environment to opening and sharing experiences. Our trainer created the perfect atmosphere for connection and bonding. I made amazing connections with the women in house leaders in the program that you cannot get outside of a program like this unless you know the person for many years. One of the most memorable experiences of my career!”

Jessica Edwards (BCLP): “This program has helped me gain confidence in my speaking skills and I have learned new ways of thinking about relationship building. It has been one of the highlights of my career.  Not only did it push me out of my comfort zone to help me build a new set of skills, but through it I’ve developed amazing relationships with a wonderful, supportive group of women.

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