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Future Leaders for Real Estate

Developing visible female leaders in the real estate industry

The problem

The lack of visible female leaders in real estate is acutely apparent. But it’s not just the boardroom that needs rebalancing with 81% men vs 19% women (PwC) around the table.

Women are much more likely to say no to speaking opportunities and putting forward their ideas. It means we’re not hearing from some of the brightest minds in the industry. 

That’s why Estates Gazette (EG) wanted to create a trailblazing programme to address the balance and give more women a voice. 

The solution

As female leadership communications experts, Ginger was commissioned by EG to create a bespoke programme which would develop the visibility of senior women in the real estate industry. 

Our team worked with twelve women from all areas of the built environment, focusing on confidence, impact, speaking skills, storytelling and thought leadership. We supported them to develop a short TED-style talk which they would present at a high-profile industry event.

Ginger delivered a mix of group and one-to-one training over a period of several months to get them ready to step out in front of a live audience. And throughout the programme, EG interviewed the participants for regular magazine articles and live REWIRE podcasts, giving them the opportunity to test their skills and to share their experiences and ideas with a wider audience. 

The result

Twelve amazing women stood up in front of a 400+ audience of peers, industry experts and competitors to show they have a voice and a powerful message. 

Each speaker brought a unique perspective to common industry challenges, from building low-carbon structures to retaining top female talent. 

With no notes and very few slides, they shared their expert insight and stories which moved and inspired the crowd. It was not only an epic evening for the women involved, the energy and excitement around the room felt like a milestone for the industry. The start of a ripple effect to change the face and voice of real estate.

Listen to the REWIRE podcast

EG editor and REWIRE host, Samantha McClary, talks to Ginger’s CEO, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, about Future Female Leaders:

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes interview

Over the course of the Future Female Leaders programme, Sam interviewed the participants about their experiences:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Future Female Leaders – their final talks

The Future Female Leaders Summit Event was held on 8 October 2019 at Kings Place, London, in front of a packed audience. 

Rossella Nicolin, AECOM

Sandeep Dhillon, Cabinet Office

Helen Lowe, BW

Kathryn Cripps, Knight Frank

Manreet Randhawa, Nuveen

Helen Davis, ARUP

Victoria Martin, Cluttons

Anna Parry, Hayes Davidson

Eva Kiivit, Greystar

Hana Hassan, Willmott Dixon

Alanna Hasek, DLA Piper

Emily Hamilton, Grosvenor

In their words

“The transformation in everyone from the beginning to the end of the programme has been fantastic.”

“Ginger’s public speaking coaching has been second to none. It has helped me focus on achieving greater impact in a way that I can own and is true to self.”

“If someone had told me I’d be standing up in front of 400 people telling a story that is meant to inspire action and evoke emotion, I would have run a mile. Having been through the Ginger training, I not only feel confident doing this, I feel more powerful.”

“It has given me a whole new perspective on presenting and has hugely increased my confidence in public speaking.”

“I have myself and seen others really grow in confidence throughout the programme. I feel privileged to have been part of this.”

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