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Game changing female leaders share their visions for change

Six female leaders. Six visions for change. Six keynote talks.

“To get to where I’ve got to, I didn’t know where I needed to go.”

That’s how Dr Sarah Crawshaw described the transformational experience of Ginger’s Leader’s Voice Programme.

Sarah joined a group of six female leaders from industries ranging from law and clinical research to finance and sales, working through the COVID-19 pandemic to develop and articulate their visions for change.

Over the course of the next few months, they learned how to step beyond their fears to communicate with greater impact and influence. They explored storytelling, vulnerability, and servant leadership to equip them with the confidence to stand in their full brilliance, to become more visible and to connect people to their powerful message.

Finale talks

At the programme finale at the Game Changers Summit, each leader took to the stage at the House of Commons to deliver their showcase talk.

Musidora Jorgensen of Salesforce shared her insight into what’s needed from leaders today – a powerful talk on having the courage to lead with kindness.

General Council Helen Afford gave an incredible and moving speech about the vital importance of speaking up, even when it’s difficult.

Dr Sarah Crawshaw showed the urgent importance of clinical research and our shared efforts to find treatments and cures for some of our biggest health challenges.

Emily Bushby shared her vision to help solve global poverty in a gorgeous, touching speech showing the impact of her work and the importance of seeing the potential in others.

Archana Mohan gave a heartfelt and soulful talk on ‘Contentfulness’, how to cultivate contentment and mindfulness as the route to a happier and more successful life.

Thea Wilson blew everyone away with her pole dancing performance and inspiring story of how she went from being a Leukaemia patient to taking charge of her body.

What was the programme like?

“I’d describe it as a journey – not necessarily an easy one,” said Musidora Jorgensen. “We all took different routes to get to where we got to and supported each other along the way.” 

Dr Sarah Crawshaw said: “I was looking for a programme where I would be immersed in the experience. Ginger develops who you are as a leader. I don’t know how they do it, it happens almost without you knowing! I didn’t realise how emotional it would be but it was exactly what I needed.”

Archana Mohan was surpised how much she got out of the programme: “When you sign up to The Leader’s Voice you think that you are signing up to a professional development course on how to be a better leader and how to step up, and actually that’s not at all what you’re getting. I mean you are getting that but you’re getting so much more.” 

Helen Afford said: “Before the Leader’s Voice programme, I’d say I was a ‘nothing to see here’ type person. I wanted to develop my voice and I knew the Leader’s Voice would really challenge me to do that.”

The impact of The Leader’s Voice

“The main change has been having belief in myself. Self-confidence which grew through the power of being able to deliver a message through storytelling. I never thought I could deliver a talk like that!

“You’re not always directly aware of how it shows up in your day-to-day work, but the concept of servant leadership has been really powerful for me. You realise there’s a bigger reason for sharing your vision and how your knowledge is a gift for people. The programme has spurred me on to stop hiding behind myself. I’ve more confidence to question and challenge – in fact, I’m now one of the most vocal members of our executive committee meetings!”

Helen Afford, General Counsel, IMI Critical Engineering

“I knew what I wanted to say as a leader but didn’t know how to say it in a way that would really engage people. This is the first time I’ve connected my personal and professional life, sharing my experience and being vulnerable, which has allowed others to engage with me more.

“I now have the confidence to stand out, to speak up. I believe in myself as an authority in what I’m saying.”

Dr Sarah Crawshaw, Head of Research Delivery, NIHR

It not only taught me how to deliver a speech with impact, it was about sharing a message in a way that resonates and creates a ripple effect: a movement. It taught us that being vulnerable, opening up to things that are personal, can really resonate with others. That was the most challenging part. It’s made me a more impactful leader and speaker.

“I’m using what I have learnt with my team, to encourage them to articulate their ‘why’.”

Musidora Jorgensen, Area Vice President, Salesforce

I’ve really met a community of friends who I will hold dearly for an eternity.

“If someone asked me if they should sign up to The Leader’s Voice I would push them through the door and say yes, yes girl you need to do this this is your opportunity to promote change.”

Thea Wilson, Education Research, Design and Innovation Lead, VP Education

“I have become more me, and more authentic and more comfortable with that. You don’t need to be bombastic leader in order to be a leader, you can be your true authentic self.”

Emily Bushby, Interim Chief Executive Officer, GuarantCo

“It was the best decision I think I’ve ever made in my career.”

Archana Mohan, Director of Operations and Technology, Veritas Investment Partners (UK) Ltd

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