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Ginger launches in the USA

New HQ in NYC

This summer (July 2019) we headed out to New York for the hugely exciting launch of Ginger USA.

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes led a special Vision Hunt masterclass for a group of big-thinking senior leaders from UberEats, Subway, Credit Agricole, BNY Mellon and beyond.

Speaking after the launch Sarah Lloyd-Hughes said: “Our first Vision Hunt group had an incredible day articulating their visions for their careers, their companies and the world at large. There’s a real hunger for our approach to developing authentic, human, leadership – a welcome change to standard corporate-speak which fails to connect with anyone.”

We’ve got an awesome programme lined up for our American friends, so please get in touch if you know of any individuals or companies that would benefit from our fresh approach.

We invite all users from the Americas to visit our Americas website here