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Harpinder Collacott

Leaders Voice: Clear message, bold impact

Harpinder (Pin) Collacott, joined our Leader’s Voice Programme after completing a coaching package with Ginger.

She wanted to become a more relaxed, confident and compelling speaker so she could amplify her organisation’s mission to eradicate global poverty with the use of data.

The Leader’s Voice programme gave Pin the opportunity to sharpen her vision and develop her public speaking confidence and impact – stepping up her own visibility to give people in poverty a voice.

“My biggest concern was the time commitment,” said Pin. “But it was totally worth it. In the first retreat, we had to confront our vulnerabilities and think about our public speaking ‘nemesis’. It was a tough but really enlightening experience as it got you thinking about why you engage with some people better than others. And it helped to break down preconceived notions of people.

“I really valued having full days to work on different aspects and the opportunity to explore personal challenges – such as the disconnect I have between what I want to say, and what I actually say. Being much more aware of this, taught me how I need to prepare differently, to write things down, and order them so they’re clear in my mind. That’s been a game changer for me.

“The peer network was a really important part of it. It’s a massive help to have the support of others in the group.”

Speaking about the difference it’s made, Pin said: “I used to get really anxious about public speaking. It’s no less scary now, but I’m much better prepared. I spend more time on my message than the detail, and I focus on preparing my personal state as well – so I’m much more in control when I get up to speak.

“Since the programme, I’ve been invited to do even more speaking and chairing at events. And I use the techniques on a daily basis. I enjoyed the whole thing and I’m so glad I did it.”

Ginger’s founder, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes said: “We loved working with Pin to help her develop and articulate her powerful vision. Talking about data can be really dry, and you can end up getting bogged down in detail. But Pin’s compelling storytelling brings the whole thing to life, showing us how data can transform the lives of the poorest people in society. Her talks have the power to make you get off your butt and do something – and that’s an incredible skill to have.”

See Pin’s talk at the House of Commons

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