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Virtually Brilliant training

How clients are powering up their online impact in lockdown

Thanks to Covid-19, the world of business has had to think on its feet and adapt to an almost entirely virtual landscape overnight.

For some businesses already used to virtual meetings and online conferences, it was an easy shift to make. For others, it has meant rapid and widescale change for entire organisations.

No matter where businesses are on their virtual journey, the way we work has changed dramatically. And teams of all sizes and in all kinds of industries find themselves in a situation where the impact of their virtual communications can make or break the business.

As specialists in high-impact speaking for all communication scenarios, we knew Ginger could help. That’s why we put together our Virtually Brilliant series of webinars and training programmes to give teams the skills and confidence to lead successful virtual meetings, pitches and conferences filled with personality and engagement.

We’ve also adapted some of our existing programmes so they can be delivered online – with amazing results.

Here we share some of the feedback so far.

“The inspirational team at Ginger performed an entirely online three-day leadership retreat which I was privileged to be a part of. The use of technology was fantastic – in fact it was so involved that I felt that I knew the other participants intimately even though we’d only ever met virtually.”

Emily Bushby, Guarantco

“Our virtual course completely surpassed my expectations. We were all completely engaged and were able to learn as well as complete practical exercises really effectively. It just shows what can be done online.”

Helen Afford, IMI

“Ginger has always had a reputation for delivering powerful, impactful training workshops which challenge individual perceptions and leadership styles. This training was absolutely no exception. Despite being fully ‘virtual’, it was engaging, thought-provoking and stimulating.

I left the workshop energised and excited about the opportunities ahead. I also know that I will implement the tools I learned and own my areas of feedback to be stronger for myself and others.”

Archana Mohan, Veritas

“The session was great thank you! They did so well to keep everyone engaged and ensured the material was really interactive. I came away feeling like I was able to progress through the programme and improve, which I didn’t necessarily anticipate from a virtual session. Their positive attitude also really uplifted everyone’s spirit, which is no mean feat considering all that’s going on!”

Natasha Trathen, Nuveen

“The session last week was truly brilliant. It was engaging and dynamic and felt interactive despite the physical distance. I will be recommending to others!”

Suzan Ucmaklioglu, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

“Amazing! Thank you. Time well spent today. I will be attending more Ginger Public Speaking webinars and recommending!”

Stanford Rusike, Adyen

“The training was insightful and engaging which frankly all of our video calls should be – so Ginger definitely has it nailed.”

Eva Kiivit, Greystar Europe Holdings Limited

“Sarah gave an excellent, highly engaging hour’s training session. She was clear, authoritative and friendly, and the content was practical and very useful. She is a terrific advertisement for what can be done in the sort of virtual training environment that would have most people intimidated and uncertain.”

Anne Groves, Anne Groves Consulting

“The Virtually Brilliant Webinar was just… BRILLIANT! Thanks to Sarah for great insights and clarity of communication. I certainly recommend it for anyone who is tasked to keep virtual audiences engaged.”


“I really enjoyed the short webinar on delivering virtual presentations, it was a great free tool offered by Sarah and is going to be very useful as I move forward with working more digitally over the coming weeks and months. I would highly recommend.”


“This course was well paced and fantastic, it worked well virtually and I’m keen to explore more of what Ginger has to offer. “

Christine Rivers, NHS England/improvement

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