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Thea Wilson

West Midlands, GB

Educational research, design and innovation lead VP Education

What fear can teach us all about finding our inner strength.

Thea shares and lives her company’s vision ‘simplifying and sharing medical knowledge’ – changing the way healthcare education is created and delivered. As an educational lead and facilitator for Vascular Perspectives, she is driving change by designing education that meets the needs of a modern-day healthcare sector.

Thea has collaborated with world-leading and inspiring innovators in healthcare to co-create ground-breaking educational content and is part of a team that’s recognised as global leaders within interventional cardiology medical technologies.

Her own health challenges have led Thea to become the face of media campaigns for Stand Up 2 Cancer and Cancer Research, with articles published for National Leukaemia Charities.

As an Ultra marathon running enthusiast, Thea can run and has run a very long way, with a love of the outdoors and the drive to always push that little bit further. She joined a local pole fitness academy 18 months ago and has fast tracked from student to instructor, winning last year’s XPERT Industry award for most inspirational student.

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